Good-bye 2008 and Hello 2009.

This was me Last New Years after clubbing with my girls.

This New Year Celebration will be a lot different. I will be kicking it with my family and pray that God continues to bless us through the year 2009. Happy New Years to all my followers, readers, friends and family.

My New Years Resolution!

I thought about what I wasn't pleased with it in 2008 and what I can do to make it better for 2009.

-I need to put my priorties over options!
-Count my blessings! People had it worse than me and I acted like a brat this year, when it could of been taken away from me.
-Take better care of myself by cutting out the excessive drinking, watching what I eat and stay in the gym.
-Stay focus! I let a lot pull me away from what I should of and needed to be doing.
-Enjoy Life. I kept saying 2008 wasn't a good look and I was missing out on blessings. So I'm just gonna Live My Life--Ay Ay Ayyyyy.


Breezi F


Ciara says she DiVA, DAMN iT!!!

Wow. So here goes CiCi with her cover of Beyonce`s song Diva. IDK...I am having mixed feelings about this though I love Ciara, Bey is a beast and if youre gonna do a re-make of her song, you better "Go hard or Go Home!!!" lol But Ciara put up a fight and I dig it, baby.

Breezi F

ADD is kickin in.....

So I am sitting here on another boring day, playing my pimped out Hello Kitty™ Nintendo DS.

This morning on the AiM, (btw hit me up J3ssRabbit) my beloved companion and I got into it due to the fact I caught him in yet another "white lie" about some girl on Myspace™ (Click to add me) that he tried to pass off as his cousin! Do I have "F-O-O-L" written on my forehead? Then he flipped it on me and say that my insecurity and jealous rants is a problem. WTF? I hate it when guys do this mess, like when a girl points out a problem that they cause, they flip it to make it seem like we did something wrong. At this point in time we aren't speaking. For once, I don't care. >.<

The New Year is approaching fast! I have yet to come up with my resolution but do not worry, i will post them up as soon as I think of a few. I just know tha 2k8 hasn't been a the greatest for me so I hope and pray to God that 2k9 gets better. I also have no plans on how to bring in the new year either! I wanted t be caked up with my official unofficial but due to what happeend today, we're coolin' it! I do wanna party cause the NCO is calling my name but I know I need to be in church somewhere! Lol

Hmmm..I am going to the Lil' Wayne Concert this up coming Saturday! I am too geeked up! This will be my second time seeing him! IDK what to wear but my sister and I were thinking of wearing these T-shirts from WetSeal.com:

LOL..Yay or Nay?
Anyways, I have no plans but to kick back, eat ice cream, watch VH1 and play the Wii today. Damn, I only been unemployed for three days and I don't know how to act! I can't wait until the semester starts man! My ADD will finally get some attention and maybe I just might meet new friends or friends, friends♥ lol. Ah, I am done cause I am rambling...No I am not done let me tell you all about these Jordans I really want! My shoe game is already ridiculous but when I saw these jaints yesterday in the mall, I knew I had to get them but forr $200.00? I am used to paying at least $80 to 105.00 when it comes to my Jays but damn!!! Lol They are so worth it. Give me about a week or so....

Breezi F.

Random Ass Mondays.....

I was so bored yesterday. I should of been at work but I keep forgetting, I DON'T HAVE A JOB NO MO' DAMN iT!!! lol. So I hung out with my little sister, Sissy & my darling son, Gavin. We went to the wack ass mall here in VA, Southpark. I swear you can walk the whole mall and go in each store within 15 minutes flat. That is sad. So while walking around the mall, in our new kicks, might I add, we were preparing oursleves for the Lil Wayne concert we will be attending! So I was rapping one line and Sissy would rap the line after. So I was like "Greedy Mutha Fudgecake now tell me how the fudge taste" and Sissy said "I do if a Blood say, Soo Woo!!" Loud as hell!! She didn't know what it meant or even if it was a gang related. I was weak cause she was so into it and I was like "Sissy youre gonna get us killed!" I won't scared for real cause half of VA swear up and down they are bloods anyways. Anywho, I was weak as a bitch. My sister is hilarious. Anyways we just took random pics and I needed somethin to blog about! ♥

Sissy's BabyPhat™ Sneakers =)


&& I Was Supposed to be Driving....

Traffic! Traffic! Lookin' for my chapstick! LOL

Moi & Sissy!

Walkin into Target, Runnin My Mouf!

Me, Auntie Sissy & Gavin!

Sissy n Gavin!


My Celebrity BFF!

Okay folks, not like for real, for real! But I think, if I knew Angela Simmons, I'd so would be her like best friend forever. Our personalities and styles are similar in taste. She's dope. =) Damn why couldn't my daddy be some famous rapper and my uncle be just balla-rific...? Lolz. So vicariously, we're friends. I see Angie through me! I can't wait for her show with Vanessa on MTV, Daddy's Girl to premier cause I will definitely be staying tune! It's just one thing, idk if i will be rocking any Pastry's unless they are the hi-Top Jaints, I like those!!!

I'm FREE!!!

....and about to be put on a budget! lol Today was my last day at work, man. Our call center for T-Mobile is officially closed. The recession is real, y'all =( Although as much as I complained about my job, I loved the people I work with and created a lot of memories with these folks. I am geeked I don't have to teach any more new hire classes or take any escalated phone calls from y'all rude ass T-Mobile customers who want to call at 6 AM to fight about why you're bill is high! YES! (Napolean Dynamite). I will miss the friends I made and the money! This is the time I will sit back, return to school on 1.12.09 & collect unemployment, BITCHES! lol Ahhhh, the life! Nah, I'm only joking! My self diagnosed A.D.D will kick in and I'll find something to get into if school alone doesn't kill me first! Well I took some pics with some of my co-workers. Enjoy. ♥
-Me with my headset on lol =)-

-Edward aka Red & Me-

-Phil crazy ass & his chicken bones-

-Shanika & Me on an unoffical break-

-The Suburban Youth =)-

-Michael & Me-


Ms. Spears, if you're nasty

OMFG!!! lol. I finally processed what my favorite Britney Spears song "If you seek Amy" means. At first I thought it was about girl-on-girl action (no lesbo) in the club or something, like Katy Perry but boy was I wrong, well half-way wrong. So I was on PerezHilton.com and I was skimming through his blog and read a post that he took from Lindsay Lohan's blog and she said that this song was her fave, no surprise here. But She was like listen to the title. So I thought about it and kept saying "If You Seek Amy...", "If You Seek Amy..." and then I had a light bulb moment! It's really "F-U-C-K me" instead of "If You Seek Amy!" And "Amy" and is anyone not necessarily a chick! WOW! This whole time I have been jammin' to a song I knew nothing about until today!!

If U Seek Amy - Britney Spears

Bah Hambug! >.<

This will be a Christmas I would hope to forget. For the most part of it, I had a nice morning and mid afterrnoon. I opened gifts with my family, despite the fact my mother made us all where matching PJs! lolz So wack. Um For this year I really didn't ask for much I really just wanted to give butr I really recieved more than expected. I got a lot of $, a gas card!, Purple Dooney & Bourke w/ matching wallet, a Jessica Simpson bag, and clothes. That was from my mother. My stepdad who is in Afghanistan, gave my sister and I Lil Wayne tx for his Jan 3rd Concert!!!! YES! My official unofficial gave me 2 pair of sneakers, Victoria Secret Hoodie, American Eagle Hoodie & Sweater, Fresh Prince on DVD, & a scarf! So I was geeked!!! That made my morning. But then things turned sour....

You know my clique I always talk about, the PGB? Well it seems we have disbanded sad to say. Our friendships weren't as cohesive as we thought and it caused a lot of drama on Xmas day. For the most part, My "best friend" and I got into a argument over something that shouldnt of escalated to something serious and not speaking. Due to some betrayl another PGBer isn't speaking to two others and actually got into a physical disagreement. Like I aint gonna go into detail causeI dont wanna air our dirty laundry but it is really sad it had to come to this on a day we should be thankful for one another. But maybe as time gvoes on it'll get better but I know I am keepin to myself. So bah hambug.

2009 gots to be better!


It's the most wonderful time of the year...

BAH HAMBUG, bitches! Lolz. I'm only kidding Merry Christmas to you and yours from your girl Breezi F. I hope Santa and his little people give you everything you want!! I can't belive how fast this year has gone!!! X-mas already! Today all I've done was wrap gifts & perm my hair! No more BIG HAIR DON'T CARE =/ Back to my Rihanna inspired bob. ♥ Anywho, I was gonna go to the club tonight but things arent working out as I planned =/ So I will be with my fam[ily]. Cherish the loved ones, guys. I really didn't have much to say but I just wanted to have a Christmas blog! lol Oh and I do want to thank each and everyone of you all for reading & following my blog. I didn't know there are people who dig the craziness I consume! You guys rock my socks, especially
Tuotierugif >^..^<©! You always comment on my craziness! You rock! Anywho's I am OUTiE, (So 1990's) & Imma Leave Y'all with a little somethin'!

My Christmas Tree =)

Whoo! Fresh Perm! lol




Am I the only one who is like on the "low-low" obsessed with Myspace? Go 'head, raise your hands people, cause I know I am. Anyways, I am a little bothered of the little things off the Space. Cause you know how people really don't mean it but they broadcast their lifestories and every little detail about them on the Space? So I was on my exes page right, we still cool, hell we are best friends! And I got to reply back to his comment & I read his little about me thingy and it said Here for: Dating. But just yesterday that wasn't there on his page. Like I dont wanna trip so I grabbed my balls & wrote my comment and peace'd out. I couldn't leave it like that so I went back to send him a msg and was like "Oh so we here for dating?" No response yet, but I could only imagine what'll say. Do y'all think I blew this out of context & it wasn't my place to blow up? I mean cause i feel some type of way because we still "kick" it daily and spend all of our free time together, IDK man!!! It's just like after a break-up you pay attention to detail and Myspace is the best way to get in!

Will you go to prom with me? & we'll be dancin' dancin'!

LMFAO This video is hilarious check grandma in the back tho!


So Random Sundaze....

Today was boring, damn it. But I would like to give a brief shout out to the Burger King on Crater Road for pissing me smooth off this morning. Thank you but no thanks. Lemme tell ya man, I was going on my lunch break @ 10:30 and I was so effin hungry. So i waslike i could go for a Whopper and a Coke. So I hopped in Victor, my truck, and ride on down to BK. As soon I pulled up to the got damn window, right and as soon as rolled down my window, this old hag who worked there came to switch the menu from breakfast to lunch right. So i was geeked thinkin' in my head "Oh snap, a bitch just in time!" So, bam, i looked at the menu & I was like can i have a #4, please & thank you. Hells yes! A Whopper Jr Combo! I was sooooooo ready to crush you know!!! I got up to the window and paid. Happy as hell. I aint even bother to check my food, I just pulled off. When i got to the light by my job I reached in my bag for a fry and pulled out a got damn HASBROWN! A HASH MUTHA FACKIN BROWN! Boy! Boy! WAS I PEEVED! I tore that bag up looking for my Burger and instead found two cheesy bacon wraps!! I was so pissed mane! Like if they gon' change the drive thru menu to lunch why not change the bullshit whe you ring me up? Pft. I shoulda took my ass to Mickey D's!! FACK THE KING!!!!

Um other than that, we had a fake church service at work since we couldn't attend. lol I read the scripture and Ricardo was our Pastor! lol Y'all had to be there. My job is so ghetto. No for real, it is. And I have approximately 4 days left until I get laid off. So that means unemployment checks! WHO HOO! Lmao. Oh and now winter break! I am actually stoked for classes to start back up. I am so ready for a change in 09 man!


Memory Lane....

I was on YouTube browsing and I cam across my first ever YouTube video. It's embarrassing. I was damn near 6 months preggo, Crankin' dat Soulja Boy. Yule.


Man, Idk what is wrong with me, but I have some moments where my ADD kicks in and I just go dumb. The other day, I was scratching my ear with a ratail comb, idk as to why I have a comb in my ear and especially when my hair is big and curly! Anyways, it felt good scratchin my ear, like man it was just a great feeling! I was getting into it in everything until I heard my son acting a fool in the ohter room. So instead of taking the comb out of my ear like the smart person would've done, I ran out the bathroom and winded up running into the door and pushing the end of the comb further into my ear and it started bleeding! YUCK! I thought i was gonna die or go deaf. So I repented and then started talking loudly to make sure I could still hear. Man that was stupid, all I can do is SMH. Y'all dont judge me, You don't know my struggle!

I'm Not Buying iT!!!!

I love Beyonce` and all she's effin fierce but idk what to make of this trailor for her new movie Obsessed. I can't take her seriously! While watching the trailore I was jus waiting for her to bust out and say "Foxy Cleopatra and I'm a whole lotta woman!!!" LMAO Man, Idk, man, idk.


Broken-hearted girl

Today is a sad day. My bestfriend of three years my lover of this year, broke up with me. We've been on and off for awhile all because of the outside negativity influencing our relationship and just the fact nobody wants to see us together. He said he was tired of this strain of how people put shit in my head and causes me to react and be a horrible girlfriend. He's a great boyfriend and he's been nothing but the best friend he could be, It was I who fucked this up because of not thinking for myself. =/

Leave me alone? If dats what u gotta du for yourself then cool. U mite think I'm tryna be mean or wut eva but it aint nothing like dat. I care about you n all dat stuff. I jus aint ready for a relationship.Sorry Im jus being honest. If you can't be kewl with me becauseI'm being honest then...idk. When ur ready to be kewl wit me and our friendship hit me up.



Seriously, Kanye?

I love this man &his music but this performance is um, questionable? Karoke? Rock Band? Idk but he was serious.

Oh Theivin Ass!

One thing I cannot stand is a damn thief!! I mean stealing is wrong, so why do it, how'd you like it if I came in yo' crib and stole your shit? Exactly. Anyways today at work, we found out who stole my friend Antonio's SideK!Ck Slide last week. It was the most unexpected person in our whole row, Brandon ol gay ass! What's so messed up about it is that Antonio and Brandon been cool since high school and Brandon is always in his face acting as if nothing is wrong! It took us a while to find out but in due time it came to the light. If you didn't know I work for a T-Mobile call center and a lot of people in VA have T-Mobile so of course people employed here are going to try to hook up their account, they moms account, whomever!! lol Everything we do is monitored so Brandon's dumb self must've forgot and gave the person he gave the SideK!ck to Bonus Minutes and Credits under his log-in from his computer! SMDH! I am just glad we found out it was him and his ass is fired. I hope he reads this too because you are so wrong!!! Grrrr.....But I know one thing though, If he wouldve touched my SideKiCk 08 we wouldve had a problem cause I would shut a mutha effa down! I got guns and shit, damn it! lol Just kiddin bout the guns but for real yo!



This is how the lovely ladies of the PGB get down on a girls night!

A Milli bY Breezi F & Brandy aka Heff

Mane, I was tryin, I was tryin!!!

Trice was sooo drunk and it was HILARiOUS!

Funny Little Stuff

So I been taping mini videos on my SideK!ck which have been hilarious and I decided to share them with you all because you rock my socks.

We were in the Macy's Elevator Wildin'

My Son Walking


Ain't that a beyatch!??

Lol. My boyfriend sent me a text yesterday explaining a funny story about his co-worker, although it's funny as a bia, yet its still wrong.

Anywho, Mikaela, the lady my BF knows went to Wal-Mart to get her daughter a My Size Barbie for X-mas. So all the My Size Barbies where on the top shelf so she asked one of the sales associates to get her a barbie down for her. The associate replied "Yes I can get one down but there 35.00 and we don't have any black ones left!!" Mikaela replied back, "Did I ask you if I wanted a black one!?" The lady went to get the ladder to get the barbies down and then asked Mikaela "Well all we have our Blonde and Dark haired dolls, which would you like?" Mikaela said "get me the dark haired one, since im so black!!"

Aint that messed up but still funny? People are still so effin ignorant!



My boyfriend and his friends calls themselves, The Black Delegation or some bullshit like that and they think they way cool cause they dont argue like the PGB aka Prince George Biacthes aka that be US! The Black Delegation and the PGB has been going at it for some years now and although the PGB had its trials and tribulations, mutha fucka we illlllll!!!! Although some of us don't kick it with one another like we used to and how we disbanded, I mean the remaining memebers still a beast, Trice, Me, Heff, LSK, && Nigga Don! The "BD" is a buncha dudes, and c'mon dudes never really fall out like girls do and they kick it with each other like every 100 years while the PGB are together like 24/7 365! When it boils down to it, the PGB will always be the best!


"PGB is weak. No advancement. Ya'll constantly siding against each other. Forming alliances. Plotting against one another... One of ya'lls members is obcessed with waiting on love. Another one... I ain't even gonna say. Ya'll just suck!! SLAY INC est. 2001 evolved into eastwood/westwood 2003.We go hard, sucka n*ggas eat ya heart out!!"





G.A.B.B.Y.-' gorgeous ass black girl but y?
is that really possible? apparently!
my beautiful african-american friend Gabby is so awesumlenttm AND she is the sweetest female on earth. intelligent +
Cool? +
Awesumlent DEFINitely!
down 2 earth as well. but what really catches me is like mii self...i am who i am therefore she is who she is.(thankfully a cool low down mutha****** that dont play w/weasles!)
me personally i love women and i love their hair. i feel it to be part of the femininity(i made that up lol) but guess what>>>>she's a F****** wo-MAN bABY YEA!>>> and her hair is long.black.pretty. anddddddddd HERSSS!!!
&yes& i can finally put to rest that besides my mother....black women ARE BALD!!! dont get me wrong, i love the hairstyles but i feel its not u...just what u feel a black women should look like and i think they r naturally beautiful so why not be? which is most def what Gabby reps to the fullest whether SHE WANTS TO OR NOT!! even better is her hair a lil past her shoulders but it doesnt stop there! she's is an all around animal of a good person and most certainly a valued ally in the life of a geniuss BIG AMBER ALERTS OUT TO GABBY!!!!!!



They say once you start with one tattoo you get addicted and get more. It's so true! I am so terrified of needles but it's somethin' about gettin ink that gets me so hype. My first tat are my stars on my left hand that My bestie/boyfriend have alike. I took it like a bitch, I admit but it wasn't that bad! My next tat is the "Est. 1987" on my bikini line and I took it like a "G" y'all!! They are so addictive! I'm proud of myself....lol =) Wonder what's next? HMMMM...




It's time for me to put this mother facker on mutha effin blast!!

My son's sperm donor is a purity ASSHOLE! First & Foremost he is a poor excuse for a man and waste of SPERM & EGG!! He has two kids, little boys @ that, his first son Elijah (by Latoya) & mine Gavin. He does nothing for them. He barely watches them and looks @ his time with his sons as "babysitting" and not quality time. He worries about other girls rather than if his sons have diapers and milk. He didn't show up to either of his son's birthdays this year and had poor excuses as to why he didn't. It was sad because Toya's and I boyfriends/significant others paid for and helped out with their parties. SMDH!!! He is now on child support with both kids, and we have yet to see a dime. He lost his job @ the police department, a good ass job. At one point he even lied about having a job. Today he pissed me smooth off and had the nerve to say I only want him to watch Gavin when I wana party! WTF! My moms and grandmother watches him while im @ school, work, or if I am out. He is a petty, bitch ass nigga who can't do a damn thing for his kids, let alone a woman. He doesn't respect his baby mama's nor his own mama. When we had started back out in 2006 he was cool until I got pregnant and shit hit the fan. So ladies in Virgina or on Myspace or Facebook beware of Willis Jimmy Binns Jr. He aint worth shit!!!

Jessica 'Breezi Muthha Effin Baybe' Clayton
Myself && Toya aka DA BABY MAMAS


I love her <3
Her new CD effin' rocks. IDK if people be sleepin' on her although she may be a tad crazy but her talent is undeniable. She's a pop queen, hate it or love it. Circus was the correct theme for this album cause it's really circus-y lol. (yes, i made it up). I digs her. My fave tracks so far, besides Womanizer, happens to be IF YOU SEEK AMY, RADAR, & KiLL THE LiGHTS. It's worth it.


Oh, BTW, did anyone happen to catch Britney's Documentary on MTV Sunday? She's so silly and down to earth. I'd hang with her. She's just like you & I.



DAMN, all the money i spent on gettin in the club, new fits, and drinks coulda went towards XMAS shopping! lol that's sad. Anyways, you knows how I be gettin down and the NCO was poppin' once again! If you never been clubbin' on a military base, you def. don know what you missing. If you're ever in VA, come holla at me &&I'll show ya how to get it in. BOY BOY!!!








Ode to MAC Make-up

I fackin' love my mother fackin' MAC Make-up. It's the best investment I tend to make. Pure Perfection & flawless. Ladies, you know that MAC is the shit! My latest purchase was about 60 bucks or so for three products. My foundation, liner, and this new shadow. I fell in love. So I wanna take this time out to think the weird lady behind the MAC Counter at Macy's who said I have a "buttery brown skin" complexion and left me at the fucking counter so I can compare my make-up, which i already knew it matched, for like 80 years to help this Sweetbuns69 guy figure out his shade..::mocking the guy:: "Like OMG, IDK if I am a N44 or what!?!" Sorry, venting. But back to MAC, it's the best and it's worth evey dollar, fack a penny. Thank you MAC for enhancing my undeniable natural beauty. =) Thank you.


Remember How I said my job sucks?

LMFAO with a sad face. Karma is a bitch. Why the hell I found out today that we are closing down our effin call center? I found it kinda funny at first then I thought about it, "Damn! The cuttin' out on my funds & I just gotta new whip last month!" I mean don't get me wrong it was easy money to teach people how to provide customer service and shit but damn T-mobile you ain't have to do me like this! I bet yhey been readin' my blogs n shit. Fackin' feds. LMAO. Our last day taking calls will be Dec 27th and our call center is about to wild the fack out. Too bad I am smarter than your average bear, cause I been started filling out apps & I was gunna quit anyways bitches, SCHOOL is more important! Take that T-Mobile. But here's some video footage from work fackin hilarious.

This idiot as Peter Griffin:

Shannon's Impression of Me: