ADD is kickin in.....

So I am sitting here on another boring day, playing my pimped out Hello Kitty™ Nintendo DS.

This morning on the AiM, (btw hit me up J3ssRabbit) my beloved companion and I got into it due to the fact I caught him in yet another "white lie" about some girl on Myspace™ (Click to add me) that he tried to pass off as his cousin! Do I have "F-O-O-L" written on my forehead? Then he flipped it on me and say that my insecurity and jealous rants is a problem. WTF? I hate it when guys do this mess, like when a girl points out a problem that they cause, they flip it to make it seem like we did something wrong. At this point in time we aren't speaking. For once, I don't care. >.<

The New Year is approaching fast! I have yet to come up with my resolution but do not worry, i will post them up as soon as I think of a few. I just know tha 2k8 hasn't been a the greatest for me so I hope and pray to God that 2k9 gets better. I also have no plans on how to bring in the new year either! I wanted t be caked up with my official unofficial but due to what happeend today, we're coolin' it! I do wanna party cause the NCO is calling my name but I know I need to be in church somewhere! Lol

Hmmm..I am going to the Lil' Wayne Concert this up coming Saturday! I am too geeked up! This will be my second time seeing him! IDK what to wear but my sister and I were thinking of wearing these T-shirts from WetSeal.com:

LOL..Yay or Nay?
Anyways, I have no plans but to kick back, eat ice cream, watch VH1 and play the Wii today. Damn, I only been unemployed for three days and I don't know how to act! I can't wait until the semester starts man! My ADD will finally get some attention and maybe I just might meet new friends or friends, friends♥ lol. Ah, I am done cause I am rambling...No I am not done let me tell you all about these Jordans I really want! My shoe game is already ridiculous but when I saw these jaints yesterday in the mall, I knew I had to get them but forr $200.00? I am used to paying at least $80 to 105.00 when it comes to my Jays but damn!!! Lol They are so worth it. Give me about a week or so....

Breezi F.


Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

That top is cute!...$200 for sneakers?...I'll glad I have small feet! ;) lol Guys are funny when they get caught I love watching them stumble and grope for a good lie...which they can never seen to come up with! lol Have fun at the concert!

Ms. Naomie said...

lil wayne is here tonight & i wish i could go but i'll be bringing in the new year @ church..lol