Last night, the girls and I went to the NCO Club and had a blast but towards the end of the night, I started feeling some type of way about these THIRSTY dudes AND the HATING ass bitches in the mutha luvin club! Let me tell y'all bout this cause I am weak.

-STARING IS RUDE! Do not stare from across the room because you look like a psycotic killer and then I get parnoid.

-TO THE LADIES--When I walk pass you in the club, do not look me up and down like you gotta problem cause then I am goin to have a problem.

-DO NOT TOUCH!--Just because i am dressed a little provactively doesnt give you an excuse to touch my ass or feel me up cause I will let ya ass have it in 2008!!!!

-21 & Up right?--SO next time a Got Damn Lil' Jon or Jeezy song come on mutha facker you don gotta push me, Cant we all just rap the words, shit!

-BUYING DRINK POLICY--Just because you bought me a drank with ya dumbass isn't a free ride to BREEZES WORLD.

-BUDDY SYSTEM--Sorry PGB but we all know how we are when we get drunk, do not wander off cause I aint babysittin.

-DJ's--If you play the gpot damn same song within 5 minutes of each other you need to do something else wit ya life

Thats what tickeled my fancy last night and all I could do was SMDH.



Idk, if y'all heard of her but my homie Nisha put me on Nicki Minaj, (she's like her biggest fan lol) and I happen to go on Nisha's page and heard this song. She be on a lot of mixtapes with Lil'Wayne, latest would be the Dedication 3 and she's a beast. I fucks with her. She raw. You should too, so google her baby. We really don't have a lot of dope female MC's so appreciate her! Wayne approves. =]
Single Ladies (Remix) (www.WorldWideUrbanMusic.com) - Beyonce ft. Nicki Minaj

WHere's Arab?

Maybe I am like the only one thinkin about this but I was listening to my Soulja Boy Tell Em Cd and I was listening to the track "Pass it to Arab" then I thought, "WHERE THE FACK IS ARAB???" SOulja boy, I hope you didnt get a big head and leave ya boy in the back because you're horrible friend! =/
So can somebody please let me know if he's okay cause w/o him we would have no reason to "YAHH!!! BITCHES" and tell our teachers/proffessors to "THROW SOME D's ON THAT BITCH."
Thank you.


My Son is One

A year ago today, @ 1:46 pm, after 31 hours of extreme labor, I gave birth to my son, Gavin Christopher. I can't believe how fast time flies and how much he has grown over the year. That's my heart. I am super geeked for his party today although he has the slightest idea of what is taking place today. Lol. So happy birthday little Gavin. Mommy loves you.


I Just love Justin

Oh My. LMAO Justin Timberlake is a fool and he sexy, he's the perfect man....AWWWWW. Here he goes mocking Beyonce, with her song SINGLE LADIES! I was so geeked!


OH by the way, Beyonce Cd I AM...is the TRUTH!! COP IT!!!! Eventhough she's a bit crazy with the split persona, she effin rocks!



I don't care what anybody else has to say about my on/off relationship with Acey but I am in love, head over heels with him. Despite our arguments, fuck-ups, and haters we still manage to maintain the dopest friendship. He has been my bestie for 3 years and nothing is gonna change that. Hurricane Love. ♥

Jus Another Day in the Life of Got Damn Boss...

LOL. Sorry I am feeling a little Rick Ross today.

Okay so yesterday was wierd/bananas/fun all of the above.

First n Foremost another boring ass day at work and I tried to come up with an excuse to leave but it aint work! But I got some free Olive Garden and it was bangin'! BOY! BOY! Other than that work sucked balls, big ones at that. Somebody find me a new job.


Later that night, Trice wanted to go out drinkin' or clubbin'. Heff wanted to come along for the adventures but she aint get off work til Midnight, the clubs here closes at 2 AM and the bars close at 1 AM. Brandy aka Heff, is so slow so we didnt make it nowhere. I swear she gun be late to her own funeral.

ANWYAYS, we didnt get ish poppin til bout 130 AM. We rode around and went to Brandy's co-workers house. He was cute but uh yeah not my type. Their Brandy kept promoting fucking TLW (True Love Waits) getting on peoples nerve. I told her she wont cupid and nobody wants to see her w/ a bow and arrow and a diaper. Trice laughed so hard she cried. See...

Anyways we ended up @ Dennys and yall know Dennysid the spot Saturday night!! NIGGAS! lol Not that I am looking for one, but Brandon thirsty ass was up there trying to make me come home with him like WTF NO!!! So pretty much we ate breakfast and once again talked about my love life and niggas. SMDH. Then on the way home Me and Brandy got into it over some dumb shit! Oh well I am pretty sure we will have it out later today!

Bored At Dennys


Daddy Syndrome

Once again ppl I am bloggin' from my T-mobile SK 08...

So I just came back from BWW aka Buffalo Wild Wings with Brandy and Trice, drinkin' my Corona and eatin cheesecake and havin girl talk! It was awesome. Somehow we got onto the subject of the men in our lives. As for those who know, I am so in love with my soulmate Ace Face, as Trice calls him my 'daddy' jus because he does for me and basically, I can have whatever I like! Don't get me wrong, I Got My Own and don't need no man to buy me a thang BUT and this is a really BIG BUT, if the nigga is willing to throw stacks on deck Im takin it!! So yeah, they think I have 'Daddy Syndrome' and to support their theory this random guy, fine might I add, that I met at Wal-Mart named Brandon, that we soon met at BWW, bought my food and drinks, all w/in one meeting. Shit, I aint gonna say no!! I can't help it that if a guy wants to spend his money on me but I don't think I have daddy syndrome...okay maybe a little bit but damn. Its just I know what I want in a man and Broke isn't one of them qualities I look for!! In the words of the Louis Vuitton Don, ahem, and I quote "I ain't sayin' she's a gold digger, she just don't eff w/ no broke, broke." Church.



ChRiS R0Ck...RoCkz.

OMG!!! My little homie Stina put me on this youtube video of Chris Rock, about how birds be in the club dancing to all this degrading music and be so into it. I AM GEEKED!!!! LOL Y'all jus gotta watch this..

I'm guilty of it too, 'cause let my jam come on in the club! "Cause they aint talkin bout me! Put a dic in ya ear, now blind da bitch" Whoa!

I am weak!!!


What an Effin Day!!...

And the funny thing it isn't over...okat so this morning I woke up and my random ass thought today was about the security tags on the mattresses! Like for real, it says "Do Not remove under Penalty of Law" so will they really put my ass in somebody's jail over a got dam tag? Like really will you put me in Jail with a bunch of crimnals? I think I might try it and then call 911!! So if anybody gets a collect call, answer that mua fuckr. 'Preciate it.

Anyways, so today I had lunch wit my father for the first time of meeting in the 21 years of my life!! I used to think me and mom dukes looked a like but me and my dad look alike for real....it was jus overwhelmed...and it isn't my dad fault as to why we just now meetin, blame ma dukes...but that's a whole 'nother blog. Lol

Then now, im sitting here at my exes house watching him play Halo on his Xbox...I miss him and I wanna tell him but I aint cause we homies now and homies don't cake, that's gay...but its crazy we been besties for 3yrs and we shouldn't of dated...and we did and now our friendship isn't as cool as it used 2 be! Oh wells...things happen for a reason, guess I'm just a sucka for love...

O and im pos 2 be getin tatted up again 2day...more to come...

Later bitches.



11.4.08 I will remember where I was. In my room watching CNN, having a txt rally with my girl Mikaela and watching Barack Obama become president! This is the best thing I've witnessed! It feels like Christmas. I actually cried and shouted "My president is black" and woke my son up.

This means a lot not only to the black community but the whole US. We made history and when he gets sworn in, it'l be a chnage. Thank God for Obama and for all those who voted! Especially the youth.

God bless America && My black president!

My President is Black!!!

Today is election day! The day we have all been waiting for to make change! Regardless of who you voted for as long as you voted that's fine by me. I just want everyone to know, that I Barack my Vote and that my President is black. Once he wins tomorrow the world will be on its way to a better place. T-Mobile lucky I do not have to work tomorrow because I would call out and my reason would be, "Cause my president is black, biatch!!" lol Nah then I'd be in the unemployment line! Seriously y'all use your freedom of speech and VOTE!!! Majority of the polls are closing so as majority of America, I am glued to CNN and they reminded me as to why we need change! We do not need another 8 years of the same time for change. I'd be damned if I have an 'Old Bat" McCain as my president and a moose-hunting, Seeing Russia in the Backyard, gullible Palin!!!!

Vote for Barack Obama! I am John McCain & I approve this message.


Work sucks. Stay in school ppl!

Okay, I'm bloggin' via T-mobile sidekick...ballin' my dude.

Anyways, I am starting to get annoyed by my effin' job. I work for T-Mobile and I provide world-class customer service, bullshit...and since I became a redhat, which is help to new hire employees, I done found reasons to quit.

First of all, I love my effin co-workers especially my team of Shannon, Mikaela, Kisha, & KiKi. They rock. But these ghetto folks that come up in here with the nasty attitudes worst than our customers is annoyin de fack, yes fack, outta me!! Mua Facker, im tryna HELP you keep you fackin' job so don't get pissy wit me!! Especially da OLD folks!! I don't mean no hard but this call center is full of Virginia State and Virginia Commanwealth University, not for people who done retired and on Medicaid! Then the birds in there gossip 2 much like its High School!!
If we have one more fight/arguement over some girls baby daddy messing with another bird at work, I think Im going to go crazy! I been here almost a year and everyday its something new that errks me and I came 2 the conclusion, mua facker im quitting..once I find sumthin else, shoooot a bitch got bills & shit!!!

I can't wait to finish school for this journalism degree cause this good ol 9-5 aint cuttin it! Next semester, im taking like 50-leven credit hours so I can graduate faster!! Grrr....

*Pics soon to come*



Ode to Clueless:10 things I have learned

Clueless is so effing awesome and it's clearly my favorite chick flick, next to mean girls. I cannot believe this movie came out in 1995! Jeez, it's been like, 13 years since it's release and that movie still rocks. With that being said, I was like 12 when this movie came out and now that I am 21 and I have seen this movie like 50-leven times, I understand the dirty jokes and the slang now!! So I would like to the time out to thank Clueless for having a huge impact on my life. I appreciate you Cher!!


-That the phrase "Surfing the crimson wave" means you're on your menstrual-
-The word sporadic, means, 'once in a while'-

-When you're the 'new girl' you have something other girls don't, & that's mystery-

-That guys actually do call two days later after a date-

-You can actually get a ticket w/o a license-

-Mirrors do lie, that's why Polaroids make better mirrors-

-The joke Dionne made towards Amber on the tennis court about "Balls flying at her face," she wasn't talking about the tennis balls-

-An Herbal Refreshment isn't Coca Cola-

-Negotiating gets you far in life-

-Cheap designer impostors gets noticed pretty quickly-


I thought this was so cool and it shows us, in the humerous way, that we do need change!!!
BARACK THE VOTE 11.4.08!!!!!

Halloween Night in the Cap City

Soooo...it's the 31st of October aka Halloween so the girls of the PGB (Prince George Biatches) decided to hit the club, so Tricey said one of her boys in her Medical classes was havin' this party at Club Inferno, keep in mind we have never heard of it. So we automatically think, "OHHHH SNAAAPP!!! PARTY MY NIGGA!!!" So we got super cute, thinkin' we bout to get some thirsty guys to be us a drink. So we took the drive to Richmond and had the hardest time trying to find out where the heck this club was. SO we rode pass this jaint that looked like a straight hole in the wall!! We saw one young guy so we automatically think, "Oh this is it! We here!" We park Huebert (Trice's Whip), grab our money and ID's. Now, we hype as a mug, we just got done jammin' to Suck it or Not and we super crunk and we was ready o shake our Donk!! Come to find out this is the wrong club!!!! Now how'd we find out lol? This old bat screamed at Heff and was like "THIS AINT NO NIGHT CLUB! THIS A PRIVATE PARTY!!!" Well excuse the hell outta me!! We was like "Fuck it, Hop in da Bucket N Haul ass" The club was actually in the alley cross the street, as Heff stated earlier. (There you go Brandy I acknowledged your rightfulness to the world) so we pulled into this alley and see some cars heard some music and we got hype all over again. We walked into "Club Inferno" and Lawd!!!!! There was like 13 people in there dancing. I was like "OH HEELLLLL NAH" lol WOW! At least Trice got to saw her EYE CANDY while da Nigga Don cursed CJ ass out..COme to found out this was a church club and we looked like Jezabels! We eventually left and went down to Shackoe Bottom and stood oin line for Have A Nice Day but eventually was like eff it & went to the Skyy Lounge....We stood in line for 2 effin hours almost and got in the club 45 min prior til it closes. We got harrased by Arabs who thought they was down, I totally told this guy a lie and told him our names were the group members of Danity Kane!!! LMAO Dumbass. Oh and I watched the police racial profile this black guy just because he had a hat on!! WOW. What a night, althugh it aint go as planned.


...@ Heff's house waiting

....In line At Skyy Lounge after the Black guy got frisked

....Me & Heff & Lil of the girls

Yeah B!tch, It's Breeze's World!

With the success of my other blog, Celebrity Juicebox, I think it was about damn time I keep the worl entertained by me.......drumroll......ta-da!!!!! It's me, Jessica Marie, Little Miss Sunshine herself or as the many of my peeps 'round the way would call me, simply Breeze. Enjoy guys!