Jus Another Day in the Life of Got Damn Boss...

LOL. Sorry I am feeling a little Rick Ross today.

Okay so yesterday was wierd/bananas/fun all of the above.

First n Foremost another boring ass day at work and I tried to come up with an excuse to leave but it aint work! But I got some free Olive Garden and it was bangin'! BOY! BOY! Other than that work sucked balls, big ones at that. Somebody find me a new job.


Later that night, Trice wanted to go out drinkin' or clubbin'. Heff wanted to come along for the adventures but she aint get off work til Midnight, the clubs here closes at 2 AM and the bars close at 1 AM. Brandy aka Heff, is so slow so we didnt make it nowhere. I swear she gun be late to her own funeral.

ANWYAYS, we didnt get ish poppin til bout 130 AM. We rode around and went to Brandy's co-workers house. He was cute but uh yeah not my type. Their Brandy kept promoting fucking TLW (True Love Waits) getting on peoples nerve. I told her she wont cupid and nobody wants to see her w/ a bow and arrow and a diaper. Trice laughed so hard she cried. See...

Anyways we ended up @ Dennys and yall know Dennysid the spot Saturday night!! NIGGAS! lol Not that I am looking for one, but Brandon thirsty ass was up there trying to make me come home with him like WTF NO!!! So pretty much we ate breakfast and once again talked about my love life and niggas. SMDH. Then on the way home Me and Brandy got into it over some dumb shit! Oh well I am pretty sure we will have it out later today!

Bored At Dennys