it's been sooo long......

Hey biatches! I haven't really blogged about "me" and my wild antics in like 50-leven years. So briefly here's the 411!! So I started a new job, (which I am currently at, at the moment) at MW Tux aka Afterhours. So basically I get to measure hot guys all day for the tuxedos for proms and weddings. Loves it. I work with 5 other females and I love em already. My assistant manager used to be my Lt. In high school ROTC, funny right? My boss Emily, loves her...she's a sweetheart. So that's what's been keeping me all from you gorgeous, MFers. Anyways...uhh other than that I just be maintainin' and I really haven't had much to blog about lately so before I just keep rambling, I'm going to stop right about....NOW. LoL But I do want to leave you with the most blonde moments I've said in the past 48hrs...

-"But like Toronto and Canada are like right next to each other, right?"
-"So 42-6 isn't 34?"
-"You need a pasport to leave the country?"

Breezi F.


Rock Out With Ya Cock Out...

So everyone knows that Lil' Wayne (Young Moola Baby) is putting out a Rock Album. Fuckin' genius. I fack with anything that he touches cause the guy is just a prodigy. Dope. Well today while I was driving and listening to my local radio station, the DJ leaked Wayne's newest single from the rock album called Prom Queen. My verdict: I fack with it, HARD. How about you?

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Barack is calling allthe SINGLE LADiES!

Watch out Michelle! lol I found this on Perezhilton.com and it was the laugh of my morning.....



I do not know about you all, but I am extremely excited that Making the Band starts a new season on February 12th. This is the reality show that really captures my attention because it's so raw. When we last saw the season finale in September, Aubrey O'day and D.Woods were kicked out of the platinum selling girl group Danity Kane. Personally, I saw this coming a long time ago because if you observed the cohesiveness of the Danity Kane from 2006 to what remained in 2008, you could tell that these girls were crashing. I liked Aubrey and commend her for daring to be different (as to one of the reasons she was kicked out & D.Woods as her cosigner) but in a group, you have to shine as a group and not just an attention seeking member. Anyways, while watching the trailer for the seasons, Diddy discusses the fate of Danity Kane withe remaining members Dawn, Shannon & Andrea. Hold on, wait, I believe that Shannon is no longer apart of the remaining three either, wow. Crazy right? In one of the clips, Diddy stated that he will not be letting these girls out of their contract and there will be a Danity Kane. Uh-oh. Next he discusses the fate of Solo star Donnie Klang. He is so handsome and talented but his album didn't do so well and his fan base isn't as big as I would've imagined. I do not think that Donnie had the exposure as DK or Day 26 had because their albums succeeded. Speaking of Day 26, they will be recording a second album! YAY! I so loved the first album and I still play it out til this day! The shit! I just hope they didn't allow fame to go to the head because in the trailer, I seen I believe, Will (sexy behind) yell at Robert that he isn't the star, once again. Day 26 please don't be a Danity Kane (or a 112 or a Total) because I like you all and I want you all to be the success of Bad boy, baby. All I know is that February 12th needs to hurry up because I will be glued to the TV. Bad boy, baby.

Season 4 Trailer for 2.12.09



Like many of you all, you are probably glued infront of your television watching President Obama take his Oath as the 44th President of The United States. History is being made and I am so happy that I am here to witness and be a part of such a great event. No it is not just because he is black but it's great to see a man with so much hope for our country bringing the likes of all people from different places, backgrounds, and countries together to make a change within The United States. There are million of people in D.C. that are hearing and seeing Obama make his speech. I wish I was there because D.C. is only and our and a half away but I knew traffic was crazy, but enough about me. I am so happy and teary-eyed and so hopeful for our country because all we can go is up and I am glad to have Barack Obama leading the way to a better America. God Bless.

Click here to hear his speech

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When does it expire?

Okay yesterday was the most random fun I have had in awhile. I was at my homegirl Patrice's house with fellow members of the PGB (yes, we have reconciled) and we were just straight wildin' out. Okay so Heff and I got extremely thirsty so we went to the kitchen to get some juice. Bet. Trice ain't got no damn juice cause all the kids drank the drank! So I asked Stina, Trice's kid sister about some Kool-aid. EVERYBODY and they mama keeps Kool-aid in the house!! Bot Trice's so to speak. SO we were searchin through the cabinet drawers trying to find some Kool-aid. We found some alright! This bitch's Kool-aid expired in Jan 2006!!! That's three years ago! We were sooooo dying laughing! So Heff and I started to play a game in the Kitchen called "when does it expire?!" So I would pick random ish out the cabinets. I pulled out a box of cereal. This jaint expired Jan 9 2007! OVER TWO YEARS! LMAO Then we found this breakfast crescent that expired in 2006. Like seriously we were dying cause like they grocery shop like every week and I guess the old stuff gon stay there until....lol. Lord, You guys should try it cause it will have you weak as hell man! Random ass sundays, you gotta love it.

Heff aka Brandy

Myself & Brandy

Danielle textin one of the boyfriends

Brandy laughin at Stina becasue she sautaes dumplings

No Homo! Brandy was tryna make a peace sign

LSK makin' ghetto Kool-aid in a Hawain Punch Bottle

Expired Sausge Egg & Cheese

SMH! Dont make no sense



Scouts Honor

I swear to lay off of Long Island Iced Teas and invest into finding a new calmer drink that doesn't get me all fired up so I will not make a complete ass out of myself when I am intoxicated. Scouts Honor.

Breezi F


What the Fack is a McDouble?

I'm sorry but all change isn't good! First and foremost, McDonalds! Really? I know they done changed all the restaraunts to a more chic, longe type atmosphere and introduced some Starbucks inspired drinks. High five, that's cool and all. But you didn't have to change the mother fackin dollar menu! Seriously I'm goin through the drive-thru the other day tryin to get me a quick bite to eat. So BAM..."lemme get a sweet tea, med fry and double cheeseburger"....the drive thru lady gon tell me "fyi the double cheeseburger isn't on the value menu & its now $1.19! But we have a McDouble but that gives you two meat patties but one piece of cheese" WTF is a Mcdouble?? That's what I said aloud. Im not feelin that and this McDouble bullshit is in the way!! Ronald we need 2 have a discussion!

Oh and now I gotta bone 2 pick with Subway! Yesterday I go to order a 6 inch Steak & cheese sub. The lady behind the counter said "Is this prime or philly steak ma'am?" Wtf!? "I want the regular steak I been eatin for years not this bullshit!!" Then the lady had nerve 2 get a tude cause I aint kno the difference!?! Pissed smooth off man! And then here's the killer, oneos more expensive than the other!!! Like wow! Jared, I need to holler at you man! That's why Domino's is going after you damn it!

I just don't like it when I was used to something ever since I was wee little girl and now you gotta change things up in 2009. This hurts man, It's a recession, damn it.

Breezi F


Biggie, gimmie one mo' chance...

Currently bloggin' from my T-mobile sidekick.......

So I am literally leaving the movie theater from seeing the movie Notorious & I hopped on to tell you about how vicuriously lived through the life of Biggie Smalls! Lol. But seriously it's a great movie and I had no idea it was directed by George Tillman Jr...::high five:: So you know there's been a lot of hype surrounding this film as in who's playin' who and how do the actual people feel who are portrayed in the film! Now if you haven't seen It, I am not gonna spoil it for you (I mean, well, we all know how the movie plays out just as far as the details lol) but anywho it's a good 9.00 spent. Surprisingly, as many black folks that went to the showing didn't act that much of a fool as I thought we were. Y'all know how we act on opening night of a huge movie! Lolz. So that was good so I could enjoy the movie. Back to the movie though, Derek Luke makes a great Diddy! He had the "diddy bop" and swag down packed to a tee. Big ups. Secondly, the actor who plays Biggie, did an outstanding job and he looks just like Big. Crazy. Now Lil' Kim...smh. I know the real Kim had a lot to say when it came to the portrayl of her character. I heard she didn't like the way the movie made her seem and thought it was disrespectful and that's how shit aint play out..blah, blah, blah. The actress who played Kim resembles her too but it made the real Kim look as if she was just a jump off but I belive Big loved that girl to the fullest! Speakin of lovin', Lord, there's this sex scene and it makes you just wanna Smh!! Lolz. Oh and I loved Faith Evans character as well! The movie made you see things from Faith's point of view as well so that was good.
Although I knew how the movie was gonna end, it hit me when you see the events of Big's death take place, like you relieve March 9th 1997 all over again. Crazy. Overall I liked it. If you saw it, I wanna know your opinion as well!

Breezi F.


Mrs. Officer!

Bitch, gave me a ticket! You know I am pissed! First I wake up an extra hour early than needed to be. My significant other and I are having problems! I got a shit load of other issues with my family. So after I took my son to daycare, I was going out for my run right and BAM! I get a muther fuckin ticket! I am super dumb pissed right about now! Like I was pulling out of the parking lot of the day care, stopped at the stop sign and went maybe a quarter of amile down the road until I get pulled over. The dumb botch, yes botch pulled me the fuck over and said I did 31mph in 15mph Zone. So this dumb broad is tellin me i picked up that kmuch speed within 2 seconds? Bitch, lying. I was embarrased and pissed as a bitch! I haven't had a ticket in four years until today. Then she was scaryas a bitch like it was her first time giving somebody a ticket! She came up to me window, keep in mind Im already peeved from this morning and this is what happened....

Cop: Um, Ma'am, Hi. You were clocked doing 31 in a 15. Can i have your license and registration?
Me: Pssh. Here. This is bullshit!

::I handed her the bullshit::
Cop: Thank you.
::rolls window back up::

Now at this point I am cussing my ass off! I had my hands over my face cause people were driving by and looking being nosey and shit. I was so embarrased!

approx 5 minutes later....

I see her walking back to my car so I cracked my wondow...

Cop: Ma'am can I have your best contact number?

Me: 804-861-#### (i said this under my breath with hella tude)

Cop:What? I couldn't hear you! (This is where she gets frustrated)

Me: I SAID!!!!!! 804-861-####, damn.

Cop: Look can you roll your window down.

::I crack that bitch another half of inch::


Okay she was gettin testy now so I rolled the bitch down.

She handed me a clipboard and asked me to sign it for my ticket! 105.00 bucks man! I looked at the clipboard and looked back at her.


Cop: Excuse me? Well if you want to prepay for it you can or take it to court its your choice. You have a good day.

Me:What the fuck ever! (rolling up my window)

I shot her a bird too, through my rear view window when she got in the car. I dont care its my fault bitch shouldnt be givin out tickets at 8 in the muthafuckin morning!
Breezi F


Memory Lane...

Yeah so this was so in my younger days right, when i was under 21 and they gave you them damn wristbands so yo couldnt drink. So I was trying to take mine off two years ago and this happened....

Trying to get away

Breezi F

Just keep it 100 and we'll be straight

Uh. Boys Suck.
Can't live with em & can't live without em.
I am currently at my "official unofficials" home right and its currently a little after midnight this is the time to go to sleep! I just got out the bed cause I have the feeling that something isn't right! Like you know when you have this feeling like something is up but you dont want to press it or investigate cause you don't want to look like an ass if you're theory is wrong?! But damn it I have a theory!!! Lately I been gettin vibes between my official unofficial. Like we don't have the boyfriend/girlfriend title since we broke up a month ago but like we kick it daily. Things have been runin smooth up until like a few days ago and I feel like he is suspect. Like I hate to play mutha fuckin inspector gadget I just wish guys would be 100% at all times! Now the reason for me being up while he is in the bed sleep is because i feel some type of way. Usually when its time to go to sleep he'll play his music on his iPhone and put his arms around me til we go to sleep. Tonight and these past couple nights all I've gotten was fackin' Cartoon Network and kiss myself goodnight. Aint that a bitch? Like Maybe I'm like maybe he is tired or he doesnt wanna be bothered. Bet. We all need our space. But this is been goin on too long (a couple days) and like I'm startin to take this shit personally. Like I dont want to confront him with it cause i don't wanna cause a scene or whatever because Ihate arguin with him! I just wish I either A.) Get the attention I am used to B.)Keep it 100 and let me know what the fack is goin on! A girl can't take much longer, Jeez. Nuh-uh Rudeness.



Don't we all jus love free things? Shoot, I know I do. Today I got a free car wash! I know that's not like extravagant or whatever but it saved me like a good $5.00! Now I came to the car wash with all intentions to pay for my wash, hell, I didn't even want to get out my truck because I was going to use the Auto-matic jaint but the line was dumb long so I was like 'pssh! forget that!' and got in the manual wash. Now the whole little machine and brushes look like Arabic to me! I was like WTF am I to do!. I'm out here in pink yoga pants and hoodie and matchin' dunks and the last thing I wanna do is get wet or do any manual labor. LOL. Lucky for me and my great assets, this guy who was drying his car came over and was like "Hey Lil Mama you know what you doin?" First and foremost I hate it when a guy approaches me with the "Hey Mama or Shawty"--thats wack as hell. I laughed and was like yea, Im washin my tires. He bust out laughing at me cause I had the high rinse water goin instead of the tire spray. I looked at him and I was like "Nuh Uh, Rudeness! I got this!" Clearly I hadn't the slightest idea wtf I was doing. So he came over put some money in the machine and took the nozzle washed my truck!!! HELLS YES. SO you know what I did, sit back and chilled like a mutha! LIGHTBULB: No cute gut comes to wash your car without expecting anything in return. "So why yo're man aint out here washing your truck?" he asked. I causually laughed cause techincally no I don't have a boyfriend BUT i have an extremely important friend!!! LOL Avoided that question! He was persisitent and asking me to take me out for drinks and "kick it". I told him I was a recovering alcoholic and said, "thanks bye!" Naw I'm lying but I took his number instead of giving mine and let him know I do have somebody but I appreciate him washing my car. He rocks.

My Saturn Vue! I love it!

Who dat is? O, It's me, Jae Breeze! LOL

Pose for the camera!


My Favorite Time of the Year

Forget Christmas people! It's all about getting them W-2 statements in the mail and gettin' a fat rebate check! LoL This will be my second time to file taxes and I am extremely geeked to get that good ol' check deposited into my account! The best part about it is, I don't have to go to H&R Block or Jackson Hewitt, my cousin Yolanda is an accountant in D.C. and she des the damn thang for the low-low! Hopefully I don't blow the bread like I did last year. I bought a new stero and speakers for my car, Eddie (Don't Judge Eddie) from Circuit City, then a couple months later he was set on fire! What a waste of money, man!! I just know I wanna by a new laptop, thus far. Believe me, I'll be bloggin' about what I blow it on, the money that is! Don't front like you won;t be happy as hell to get your check too, shit, Christmas just passed too!! lol

Bad Girls Club!

I know I am not the only biatch who watches this show on Oxygen! It's like the Real World but it's a bunch of chicks who act like they have permanent PMS! The Bad Girl Club is the shit but these girls aren't like 100% bad cause i sensed some bitchassness in some of this seasons chicks! Especially that damn Aliea! There isn't a frightining bone in her body! She's a rat and all she does is stir up some drama. Last night's episode about Tiffany, whom i just love, started to show her true colors! I do not blame her for poppin off how she did on Kayla, cause Kayla has been a huge brat for no reason. I like when she was arguing and she was like "I dont care if your from LA, Boston, Chi-Town---Amber, where you from?"..."Pittsburgh?!?"..."Shit, Piitsburgh, I get shit crackin!" Okay, Tiff calm down! lol Oh and I am a huge fan of the Amber's. Theses biatches are hilarious! And Next week Amber M, I believe and Kayla tall ass will get ot scrappin and by the looks of the commercial. she holds her own! I am hype to see the next episode! You should all watch Oxygen 10p.m. Tuesdays!

The start of the current season of The Bad Girls Club:



I am so geeked right about now that I am finding it very hard to type. LOL. Last night, my kid sister, Sissy and I, had 5th Row Floor Seats to the Lil' Wayne's I AM MUSIC CONCERT. Must I say it was a well $193.52 well spent, Thanks Nas (He is my Stepdad). This event took place in Hampton VA @ 7pm and it was cold as hell!!! Well I took plent-a-pics & i put my blogsite on her in case some crazy ppl try to take them. LOL So Opening the Show was Gorrilla Zoe, I had no idea he was going to be there! Next was the beautiful Keri Hilson. Following her was the Gym Class Heroes! BTW, I fell in love with the lead singer Travis! lol =) Next was Keyshia Cole. I admit, I had mixed feelings about seeing her but she shut it down! I ♥ her! Now next was T-Pain and he brought his circus to the tour. he had everything and surprisingly there were no Lions, Tigers & Bears, OH MY! He showed his ass and he is truely talented like for real, y'all. He took a couple jabs at Bow Wow, saying he was the midget of his circus and also he brought BRITNEY SPEARS! lol Okay well Mini Britney! Also he did his little remix to Pop Champagne and I loved it when he was like "We don't do that pop champagne shit, we be like HAPPY BIRTHDAY BITCH!" ha.ha. I loved T-Pain's set. Last but not least!!!! WELCOME TO THE SHOW HE IS THE MAIN ATTRACTION! Lil Wayne showed his ass!!!! I love him to death already but damn! Wayne did a lot of the Carter 3, Mixtape Shit & of course brough outhis Young Money Crew! Meaning my girl Nicki Minaj was there and DRRRAAAAKKKKKEEEE! lol. Now when they brought out Driz, a lot of ppl from here was like who tha fack is that? My sis and I was like, WHAAAAATT?!? Drake is the shit!! Lol! And my girl Nicki Minaj, OMG she is the truth I told y'all once about her, get on it! But back to Weezy! Lord! He entertained me from the start of his show to the finish. I loved it when he brought T-Pain back out and these two put on a how and had a feature off to see who did the most features of 2008! So I was weak when they started playing "Swagga Like Us" and when Wayne was about to spit his verse he said "I got too much Swagga to even spit my verse!" Then they played Shawty Lo's Dey Know, and were doing the runnin' dance & T-Pain was checkin' his pulse while Weezy checked his watch, I was weak. At the end was so cute he sung along to Martin Lawerence from Martin episode when he was singing to Gina, Whitney Houston's, I WIll Always Love You. I was weeeeaaaaakkkkk! You all I am telling you this was the best concert I have been to in a long time and if they haven't come to your city yet, got damn it get tickets!!!!!!

Myself & My Sissy gettin' ready.


Gorilla Zoe Opened up the Show!

Keri Hilson!!! I love her!

Travis of Gym Class Heroes. My New boo!

Keyshia Cole does her THAAAANNNG!

Told you Britney was there. =0

T-Pain & His 3 Ring Circus!


I ♥ him.

Hey Mr. Carter.....

OMG It's Draaaakkkkeeee..LOL

Driz, Nicki Minaj!!!, && Wayne!

Go Nicki!!!!

I met Travis!!!!

Breezi F



Hola Beautiful People, Oh I love you all!
This is like my shortest post eva cause I haven't blogged about anything for the 2-0-0-9!
Jus wanna say I hope everyone brough in 09 right and safely.
I did I went to the Cap-City and came home and played ROCK BAND™
Here;s some pics of those activites!
AceY on the Drums!



Acey N Me ♥

I was Killin dem Drums!
I WILL BE POSTIN PICS LATERS! Well i gotta finish my hair make-up and get on the road! Imma leave you all with some Weezy F! This Video is Hilarious!