When does it expire?

Okay yesterday was the most random fun I have had in awhile. I was at my homegirl Patrice's house with fellow members of the PGB (yes, we have reconciled) and we were just straight wildin' out. Okay so Heff and I got extremely thirsty so we went to the kitchen to get some juice. Bet. Trice ain't got no damn juice cause all the kids drank the drank! So I asked Stina, Trice's kid sister about some Kool-aid. EVERYBODY and they mama keeps Kool-aid in the house!! Bot Trice's so to speak. SO we were searchin through the cabinet drawers trying to find some Kool-aid. We found some alright! This bitch's Kool-aid expired in Jan 2006!!! That's three years ago! We were sooooo dying laughing! So Heff and I started to play a game in the Kitchen called "when does it expire?!" So I would pick random ish out the cabinets. I pulled out a box of cereal. This jaint expired Jan 9 2007! OVER TWO YEARS! LMAO Then we found this breakfast crescent that expired in 2006. Like seriously we were dying cause like they grocery shop like every week and I guess the old stuff gon stay there until....lol. Lord, You guys should try it cause it will have you weak as hell man! Random ass sundays, you gotta love it.

Heff aka Brandy

Myself & Brandy

Danielle textin one of the boyfriends

Brandy laughin at Stina becasue she sautaes dumplings

No Homo! Brandy was tryna make a peace sign

LSK makin' ghetto Kool-aid in a Hawain Punch Bottle

Expired Sausge Egg & Cheese

SMH! Dont make no sense



Its {Teezi} Bitch!! said...

i made pink lemonade gurl not kool-aide lol oh and i dont have any kool-aide inmy house sorry babes lol

Mista Jaycee said...

That's some wild ish right there!
Glad y'all reconciled!

toytoyy said...

i'm backkk! lol.

but this shit was too funny.

TrueLoveWaits said...

LMAO hehehe i remember that biscuit! but member what stina said??? "i saute them cuz i feel like a chef, i feel important" lmao!!!

Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

I haven't had Kooaid in 4ever! lol