So I am currently STILL at work and I learned that not only did the ORIGINAL baddest chick, Farrah Fawcett passed but the King of Pop, Michael Jackson passed as well. I am in total shock and disbelief! Michael was supposes to be on a sold-out tour next month in London and Farrah was to marry her fiance soon! OMG and SMH, like life is extremely valuable and short and it is very under appreciated. My heart goes out to the Fawcett & Jackson families. I am like still in awe and they saying goes death always comes in threes....and this is only two. Wow, man. I know the music and film industries are in total shock and mourning as well as the fans of these two incredible people. Ms. Fawcett will forever be the original Charlie's Angels and a legend among her time. Michael Jackson, nobody will ever touch him as an entertainer regardless of what the media has made him out to be. Life is short. Appreciate it. Thank God for the ones around you and for waking you up each morning because tomorrow is never promised. Forgive open heartdly and just count you're blessings y'all.

You will truly be missed

Rest in Peace Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson.

Breezi F


Catching up!!!

Jeez it's been a week since I last blogged about anything! Not too much has been going on but I guess I should let you guys know I am still here! So last night, I went to see a midnight showing of Transformers 2 and it was a really good movie! It had all the elements; great action, good romance and extremely hilarious. No homo though, but Megan Fox looked extremely beautiful. I think I developed a girl crush! ::thinks aloud:: "Damn! She's hot!" Oh and Shia looked good too, he has came a long way from his Even Steven days. =) Everyone dig in to your pockets and spend that $9.75 to go see this movie cause it's worth it! In baby news, I am currently 25 weeks along now YAYYYY! =) The final decision on my daughter's name is Aaliyah Marie Nicole Booker. My mom said she wouldn't babysit without Marie in there, somewhere! My baby shower is in about two weeks and I have yet to recieve my damn invitaions in the mail that my Wife custom ordered. They are sooooo pretty but I hate online shopping, grrr. I have yet to choose my menu or looked at decorations, I'll wait until wifey is here next week. So I guess I can't stress, Woosahhh. Also every night I have had the most wierd dreams ever. Besides, the night I dreamt I hit the Mega Million in the Lottery (& can't remember the numbers I played =( ), my dreams have been about forgiving a certain enemy. These dreams occur like every night. Is it a sign or should I not eat right before I lay down? LOL. Does anyone know of a good site or a book to get my dreams interpreted??? Also for the past week or so, IDK if it's due to me being pregnant or what but a lot of random people are beginning to notice my "Posh Spice" attitude, meaning I walk around with a stone set face. No smile, no anything. I just look at you like your retarded. This guy asked on my break "Why do I look so mean?" and I replied "because I am mean." Not really though, I just hate being annoyed. Currently, my boss, Toshia is hovering over me while I am writing this blog and will not leave me alone!!!!! She thinks something is wrong but I am telling her midget self I am fine!!! I am just pregnant y'all. Can't see my feet, my pregnancy panties are huge, and it's hot as hell. 15 more weeks to go until this pregnancy is over. ::long and loud sighing:: I guess that's the latest guys, maybe my next blog will not sound like an old bitter hag. LOL

My Invitations!

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Makes no sense....

So being that this is kid numero dos for me, I am not worried about dropping baby weight cause it is hella easy for me BUT what I'm trying to accomplish is a "Mel B" body, no homo. =) She has two kids and her body is AMAZiNG! Like her youngest daughter (by Eddie Murphy) is about the same age as my son and she looks great in so little time. Makes no sense, I am definately trying to see what that be like, yaw meeeeen.


Breezi F.



Happy Birthday to my younger sister, Sissy!!! Okay her name isn't really Sissy, it's Sherina and she turns 15 years old today!!! She is 7 years younger than I but she is like one of my best friends! I love her to death....

Sissy, when you see your gift don't faint. LOL Acey & I spent some cash on your spoiled ass, fag.

Breezi F


Pictures are worth 1000 words

I was at work the other day checking my email, (I sound so important, Work email=)) and My co-worker, the other Jess, whom never sends me anything "work-related" had these pics waiting in my inbox. I was seriously in tears looking at this shit!!!

Illiterate= Not able to write..SMH

DNA: National Dyslexic Association

The Burger King Dude set him up

I know it's a recession & all, but DAMN!

LMAO...I'll be sure to eat plenty a Taco Bell

& the fool who did this sign was obviously drinking

Yep, he'll be on the Unemployment line

What Kind of Service?

I Don't park in a damn drive thru!

He'll be needing a job as well

Is this where The Pitts & Madonna get there kids from?

Breezi F.


What about your friends?

So I was writing the names out for my shower yesterday so I can give my "Wife" the list and my mother calls and asks how many guests have I came up with thus far. I replied about forty-five approximately. She laughed and says "Damn, I could of sworn as much falling outs you had I am surprised!" Made me think about the people on the list and the ones exlcluded and the friendships I do or did maintain with them. I realize not everybody is your friend, friend and they all serve different purposes in your life. So I put them into categories, Life-long friends, Fun friends, Seasonal Friends and Freneimes. 9 times out of 10 we have all had these type people in our lives or we have actually played one of these roles in their life.

Life-long friends:
These are the friends I consider to be in your life regardless. You've known them since forever and you know their family in depth. These are the friends you've grown up with and you actually consider them family. I have a few of those especially my childhood crew from North Carolina, Danielle, Janay & Laterika. Even when distance put us apart we are and will only be a flight or a phone call away, regardless of how much talking we do now a days.

Fun Friends:
These are your party friends. We club, we chill, we wild out together. Simple. There are never room for arguments nor a dull moment because these friends occupy your time with fun and enjoyable moments. I think I have these friends in incriments at a time. You meet these friends at school or work. You share common interests and they make life more enjoyable although they won't be there for a lifetime.

Seasonal Friends:
These are the friends that you think you may have for a lifetime and they are your best friend but in reality they are only their for a season, maybe a few. They come and go like the seasons. Usually you always have a falling out with this person/people but they always seem to find their way back to you but sooner than later they fade out indefinate on mutual circumstances.

These type of friends are the hardest type to distinguish. They often pose as either a Lifetime friend, Fun friend or a Seasonal but in reality their motives are evil. They get close to you to gain knowledge to use against you and even use you to get what they want. They either use you for money, support, knowledge, or even jealous of your lifestyle and they try to gain whatever it is that you posses. I have had a lot of these in the past years, hell even recently I had a frenemy. These are the friends who like the drama or really off of their rocker. They end up hurting you in the end instead of making you mad because you thought they were a different type of a friend when really they are "out for you" so to speak.

After determing these friend categories, I went through my shower list again. Majority of them were Fun and Lifetime Friends even a few Seasonal but I am glad to see that there weren't any frenemies. What type of friends do you have or better yet, WHAT KIND OF FRIEND ARE YOU?

Breezi F.


It's a Girl!!!!!

I am so happy, no scratch that, I am SUPER GEEKED to announce that we are having a girl!!!! Yes! I found out yesterday afternoon and I was super excited. Now I have one of each and Gavin is going to be a big brother. My kids will be two years apart, which is extremely good age difference. We have decided on a name as well. What do you all think about Aaliyah Nicole? I love it, although my heart was set on Ava Nicole or Lauren Michelle. lol And for those who are wondering what has been going on with all that mess a few weeks back, Liyah's father and I are doing a lot better and doing whats best for the kids and us. Anyways, Aaliyah's theme will be Hello Kitty for infants! Original, right? It's going to be hard to find but we got to have the dopest theme though! So I suppose since I had a boy, my little Gavin, the first time, I will think about doing a baby shower!! Yay! After the appointment, we went to Babies R Us to go look at things for the baby and I think we became even more excited. Anyways, I just wanted to keep everyone updated with baby news, so stay tuned!

23 weeks down and 17 weeks to go!

Breezi F.


So What if I'm late....

LOL. This one is for one of my besties of the past 7 years, Ms. Tricey! She graduated from the Medical Careers Institute in VA on this past Thursday. She is a mother of two beautiful little girls and still managed to get her school hustle on! I am so proud of you boo! Uh, Heff & I are right behind you, right Heff? lol =) It goes to show you kids or no kids you can still accomplish anything! Which brings me to the quote of the day:

"The question isn't who is gonna let me, it's who's gonna stop me?"-I Forgot lol

Anyways, I told her she was going to get her own little blog and although I am a couple days late, it's here! Love you Patch! lol Now go get a job and make me some money, hoe.

This is my bestie...ain't she a doll


Breezi F.


Why Are You So Paranoid?

This has to be one of the dopest Music Videos I have seen in the longest. The best by Mr. West...and Rihanna is just flawless...

KANYE WEST "PARANOID" feat: RIHANNA Dir: NABIL from nabil elderkin on Vimeo.

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