So I am currently STILL at work and I learned that not only did the ORIGINAL baddest chick, Farrah Fawcett passed but the King of Pop, Michael Jackson passed as well. I am in total shock and disbelief! Michael was supposes to be on a sold-out tour next month in London and Farrah was to marry her fiance soon! OMG and SMH, like life is extremely valuable and short and it is very under appreciated. My heart goes out to the Fawcett & Jackson families. I am like still in awe and they saying goes death always comes in threes....and this is only two. Wow, man. I know the music and film industries are in total shock and mourning as well as the fans of these two incredible people. Ms. Fawcett will forever be the original Charlie's Angels and a legend among her time. Michael Jackson, nobody will ever touch him as an entertainer regardless of what the media has made him out to be. Life is short. Appreciate it. Thank God for the ones around you and for waking you up each morning because tomorrow is never promised. Forgive open heartdly and just count you're blessings y'all.

You will truly be missed

Rest in Peace Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson.

Breezi F