Catching up!!!

Jeez it's been a week since I last blogged about anything! Not too much has been going on but I guess I should let you guys know I am still here! So last night, I went to see a midnight showing of Transformers 2 and it was a really good movie! It had all the elements; great action, good romance and extremely hilarious. No homo though, but Megan Fox looked extremely beautiful. I think I developed a girl crush! ::thinks aloud:: "Damn! She's hot!" Oh and Shia looked good too, he has came a long way from his Even Steven days. =) Everyone dig in to your pockets and spend that $9.75 to go see this movie cause it's worth it! In baby news, I am currently 25 weeks along now YAYYYY! =) The final decision on my daughter's name is Aaliyah Marie Nicole Booker. My mom said she wouldn't babysit without Marie in there, somewhere! My baby shower is in about two weeks and I have yet to recieve my damn invitaions in the mail that my Wife custom ordered. They are sooooo pretty but I hate online shopping, grrr. I have yet to choose my menu or looked at decorations, I'll wait until wifey is here next week. So I guess I can't stress, Woosahhh. Also every night I have had the most wierd dreams ever. Besides, the night I dreamt I hit the Mega Million in the Lottery (& can't remember the numbers I played =( ), my dreams have been about forgiving a certain enemy. These dreams occur like every night. Is it a sign or should I not eat right before I lay down? LOL. Does anyone know of a good site or a book to get my dreams interpreted??? Also for the past week or so, IDK if it's due to me being pregnant or what but a lot of random people are beginning to notice my "Posh Spice" attitude, meaning I walk around with a stone set face. No smile, no anything. I just look at you like your retarded. This guy asked on my break "Why do I look so mean?" and I replied "because I am mean." Not really though, I just hate being annoyed. Currently, my boss, Toshia is hovering over me while I am writing this blog and will not leave me alone!!!!! She thinks something is wrong but I am telling her midget self I am fine!!! I am just pregnant y'all. Can't see my feet, my pregnancy panties are huge, and it's hot as hell. 15 more weeks to go until this pregnancy is over. ::long and loud sighing:: I guess that's the latest guys, maybe my next blog will not sound like an old bitter hag. LOL

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JuJu said...

when i was pregnant i used to have very strong dreams like that as well ; and they actually all turned out to mean something or be some kinda sign.. humm.