So I had a bad day......

.....Today was a fackin' horrible day!!! =(

So I had to work today, which isn't different from my other days I open but the people pissed me off!!! First and foremost I am 32 weeks pregnant as of today. 8 weeks to go, thank the Lord. Secondly, it's 92 degrees outside but inside the mall it's the same. In case you forgot, I am a key holder/2nd assistant at Men's Wearhouse. During the week we are extremely short staffed and it leaves me closing and opening solo, when I shouldn't. What if I went into labor or some shit? Anyways, as soon as I open the gate to my store, I had men waiting to be measured and a couple waiting to register their wedding. I was by myself and wasn't due for help until 1pm when I been there since 930. Pissed off. So I been nonstop since opening. Next this bride to be came in demanding shit and being a smart ass. She had the nerve to try and be a smart ass and says "Must be a cool job that your manager allows you to wear dresses to work." I was wearing a long maxi dress and because I am pregnant the dress fits well. I snapped back "I am a manager, so yes it is." Shut her dumbass up. I also had a group of guys harass me today making sexual advances. I was heated and felt extremely disrespected. I am fucking PREGNANT! No I do not want your damn number. What is up with men thinking they can talk to a female any way. He even went as far as throwing a business card at me while I am working and then said "Must have that good-good to be pregnant!" WTF!!! Then it was a strange guy who kept walking pass my store who finally stopped and pointed at my boobs and was fucking moaning and shit. My manager just looked and thought it was funny. I was pissed off and cursed him smooth the FUCK out!!! My manager says "It's your fault! Guys like a pregnant body and va-jay-jay." No it isn't my fault. I don't give a damn if I was in this bitch naked, no man has the right to degrade or disrespect a female, especially when it is crystal clear she doesn't want to be bothered. So after being disrespected, sexually harassed, and busy as hell, a customer informed me he was awaiting his murder trial and needed a refund because he wont be needing his Tux. WTF! Oh and when it was time for me to clock out, my manager decided to go and get food so guess who stayed to watch the store? Yeah, I don't think I am coming back after maternity leave.......I am going on permanent break. I was too happy to be in my home with my Muffin.

Breezi F


My Life According to Kelis

I saw this post on one of my favorite blogs that I follow, Brother's Blog and I immediately was like I wanna try. His was My Life According to Jay-Z, so I decided to use one of my favorite ladies, Kelis.

Instructions: Using only song names from ONE ARTIST, cleverly answer these questions. Pass it on to 12 people you like and include me. You can't use the band I used. Try not to repeat a song title. It's a lot harder than you think! Repost as "My Life According to (BAND NAME)"

Pick Your Artist: Kelis
Are you a male or female?: Lil Suzy
Describe yourself: Young, Fresh & New
How do you feel: Bossy
Describe where you currently live: Digital World/Wanderland
If you could go anywhere, where would you go: Mars
Your favorite form of transportation: Roller Rink
Your best friend is: Mafia
Your favorite color is: Kaliedoscope
What's the weather like: Perfect Day
Favorite time of the day: In the Morning
If your life was a TV show, what would it be called: Game Show/ Jessica(Kelis) was Here
What is life to you: Marathon
Your relationships: Get Along With You, Good Stuff, Protect My Heart
Your fear:
What is the best advice you have to give: Easy Come, Easy Go
If you could change your name, you would change it to: Millionaire
Thought for the Day: Till the Wheels Fall Off
How I would like to die: Easy Come, Easy Go
My soul's present condition: Glow
My Motto: Fuck Them Bitches

Breezi F


F#ck You

My cousin/friend Laterika did this on her Myspace page not too long ago about shit that won't appealing to her so she decided to say "Fuck You." I'm feeling that kinda swagger today so I guess I'm saying Fuck it & Fuck you to a lot.....Let's get, get, get itttttt.

-Fuck all you people who think discrimination is tolerable, damn Philadelphia.

-Fuck the people who send you dumb messages on the internet after they know you read them but keep sending more because you don't respond.

-Fuck guys/girls who supposedly have a significant other but hating or even try to get with someone else.

-Fuck the women who come on Maury who are 1000% sure He is the father. He's not.

-Fuck BB&T

-Fuck females (no homo) who smile in your face but secretly plotting on to get your place.

-Fuck people who wait til the last minute and get mad cause they can't get what they want. Fuckin' customers.

-Fuck dudes who fuck over good girls. And vice-versa.

-Fuck the Mickey D's drive-thru cause i be answering the recording when they ask "Do you want to try an Ice Cold Mocha today?"

-Mane fuck the media.

-Fuck people who borrow money and can't return that shit.

-Fuck Rent-A-Cops. Top Flight Security of the World, Craig!

-Fuck Coogi!

-Fuck people who joke on people cause they wear Levi's. Step your game up bitches.

-Fuck niggas who still wearing Air Force Ones. Damn, Nelly.

-Fuck fake people.

-Fuck the military for taking me from my besties Janay, Danielle & Terika. Damn Skatin on Saturday nights!

-Fuck people who like to be Anonymous on the internet.

-Fuck people who come in my job demanding shit. I ain't no house slave!

-Fuck Virginia for coming up with the texting and driving laws.

-Fuck the police for giving me a speedin ticket in January.

-Fuck people who always hating when another person getting their shit together.

-Fuck the SPAM followers on Twitter.

-Fuck the recession.

-Fuck people who read my blog and don't comment. Fuckers.

-Fuck Myspace, for always fucking up some shit. D r a m a.

-Fuck people who get wack ass tattoos.

-Fuck myself for making this list hellafied long. Yeah I'm bored bitch.

Part Two soon
......thanks Terika. Fuck you too.

Breezi F.

Cry Baby -_-

Approximately at 4 o clock this morning, I found myself restless, emotional and crying like a 5 year old. Big girls don't cry, right? Wrong! Idk if it is just me being pregnant or what but I was boo-hooing. I was happy, sad and angry all at the same time. I laid in the bed and googled Emotions during pregnancy. I damn sure fit the description....restless, lack of sleep, excessive crying, bursts of happiness followed by sadness. Oh yeah, that's all me. I guess my sniffling and crying woke my partner up and he realized what I was researching on my Sidekick. Yeah, I figured an argument was at hand because he has been checking on me on night rubbing my belly o kissing my cheek, asking me "Babe what's wrong?", "You need anything, you sure?" and nonchalantly I'll say no. So being that I decided to break down at nearly 4 am to tell him whats up, when he's been asking me all night, I knew we were in for it. I was so overwhelmed I just cried, "You don't understand!!!!" When we woke up, I still a little emotional kept on being a crybaby. Of course he was still agitated cause I wouldn't talk about it. After awhile I got off of the emotional roller coaster, did some Yoga and received awesome news! First, we got approved for our new home! So I am geeked. Secondly all my stuff for school went through and I can finally continue my education. Sigh of relief because that was bugging me and also the fact I was feeling lonely because I don't hangout. I miss the old times and friends. =( I am soooooo over pregnancy right about now and if Muff thinks this was crazy he better hope I don't get the baby blues after Liyah's born! LOL

Breezi F


Allow me to Reintroduce myself..

I always feel the need to re-invent myself after a certain time frame or after a life changing event and I think it is about that time again. I have been feeling really drained lately but most cannot tell because I tend to hide it very well behind a smile. I tend to catch myself falling into old bad habits or repeating the obvious bad mistakes. I found myself today regretting at least One-Hundred and Ten things today but I know things happen for a reason. I can't hate myself for the things that has happen to me or the things I have done in the past. All I can do is eliminate the things I feel are detrimental and work on self happiness, which I have been lacking lately because I let little things get the best of me. So besides just saying a prayer, not worrying and having faith, it is time to make Jessica (<--That's me, Breezi F.) happy. Down to the way I style my hair to the people I consider friends, even the career path I take, it's all changing. I am pretty sure somebody will have negative things to say or something might get in the way of trying to better myself but those are the tests to see if I am strong enough to evolve. For those who don't like it, 'Can roll with it or get ran over' as my cousin Ebony likes to say. I guess after being a mom and growing up fast, there are somethings you just have to do, inside and out to have a stable environment and that's what I am working on now. I pat myself on the back because I feel good about evolving into a butterfly from a caterpillar. I'll keep you on my progress and while you are at it change a little for the best, for YOUR happiness and not at someone else's expense. Now that I am on this Zen path, I know the drama, the negativity and my haters aren't going to stop because I have, it's all about how it should be handled as a grown woman handling her business...ya dig. Loves it.

Breezi F.


Vhaaaassssap!!!!! It's Bruno!

Guilty. Yes I saw this crazy ass movie last Saturday with Muffin & my Sissy, I believe that curiosity tickled our fancy to spend money on this movie. Sissy and I never seen Borat, the character before Bruno, so we had no idea WTF we we're getting into. Muff on the other hand, was already custom to this madness. First off all, do not, I repeat DO NOT let see kids see this movie, my fifteen year old sister was in shock! If you are truly a homophobic man then you shouldn't see this either. Why? Well if you like man on man sex and dancing/talking penis' in the screen then you'll be okay. LOL All the funny parts are seen in then preview like the Osama jokes and especially the camping scenes. I admit, I was weak. Other than that I was like WTF!!! Oh and this movie is short as hell! I was looking like, this is it?!? Um do I reccommend this movie, sure if you like cheap laughs and disgust humor or you can just wait til this jaint hit DVD in a couple months, for the low low. LOL (Part of me wishes we would've saw I Love You, Beth Cooper instead.)
Breezi F.


Inquiring minds would like to know.......

Just wondering, but if you forgive someone and don't forget, are you really forgiving? And if you can't forget, then can you really trust them? And when you are the bigger person in any situation why does the opposite party still be on bullshit?

I'm just saying though, you know graduated c/o 2005 and two kids, working, you know paying my bills....step it people. And no, this isn't directed to one specific individual as many would think, I'm just saying. =)

Breezi F.


What the Pho`?

So yesterday evening Muffin, Arturo, and I (click their names for their blogs) went to go eat Vietnamese. They do this on the regular but little ole me, never. I been to the restaurant once and got steamed broccoli and chicken because that's only what I knew! They are always talking about going to eat Phó and how banging it is. It looked disgusting and smelled like hair products. =( So I ordered some Chicken Noodle Pho yesterday. It has a bunch of this rice noodles, onions, lettuce, grilled chicken, basil and scallions. Sounds disgusting, right? They dig t and I couldn't knock it until I tried it. It wasn't as bad but man I will never eat it again. I only liked the soup part and the chicken. They said I ruined their Pho experience. Lol I should of listened to Muffin and stuck with Teriyaki chicken and spring rolls. If you are interested in trying new things knock yourself out but if not stick to what you know best. Yuck=/
This is Chicken Noodle Pho`

Pretending to like my Pho`
Muff enjoying his Pho`
Breezi F.