So I had a bad day......

.....Today was a fackin' horrible day!!! =(

So I had to work today, which isn't different from my other days I open but the people pissed me off!!! First and foremost I am 32 weeks pregnant as of today. 8 weeks to go, thank the Lord. Secondly, it's 92 degrees outside but inside the mall it's the same. In case you forgot, I am a key holder/2nd assistant at Men's Wearhouse. During the week we are extremely short staffed and it leaves me closing and opening solo, when I shouldn't. What if I went into labor or some shit? Anyways, as soon as I open the gate to my store, I had men waiting to be measured and a couple waiting to register their wedding. I was by myself and wasn't due for help until 1pm when I been there since 930. Pissed off. So I been nonstop since opening. Next this bride to be came in demanding shit and being a smart ass. She had the nerve to try and be a smart ass and says "Must be a cool job that your manager allows you to wear dresses to work." I was wearing a long maxi dress and because I am pregnant the dress fits well. I snapped back "I am a manager, so yes it is." Shut her dumbass up. I also had a group of guys harass me today making sexual advances. I was heated and felt extremely disrespected. I am fucking PREGNANT! No I do not want your damn number. What is up with men thinking they can talk to a female any way. He even went as far as throwing a business card at me while I am working and then said "Must have that good-good to be pregnant!" WTF!!! Then it was a strange guy who kept walking pass my store who finally stopped and pointed at my boobs and was fucking moaning and shit. My manager just looked and thought it was funny. I was pissed off and cursed him smooth the FUCK out!!! My manager says "It's your fault! Guys like a pregnant body and va-jay-jay." No it isn't my fault. I don't give a damn if I was in this bitch naked, no man has the right to degrade or disrespect a female, especially when it is crystal clear she doesn't want to be bothered. So after being disrespected, sexually harassed, and busy as hell, a customer informed me he was awaiting his murder trial and needed a refund because he wont be needing his Tux. WTF! Oh and when it was time for me to clock out, my manager decided to go and get food so guess who stayed to watch the store? Yeah, I don't think I am coming back after maternity leave.......I am going on permanent break. I was too happy to be in my home with my Muffin.

Breezi F


Teesha said...

=( i'm sorry your day sucked .. badly .. it's a shame how rude and inconsiderate some people can be .. and they would go off if the same thing happened to them . i hope you have a better day tomorrow ! =)

when are you due ?

Milly said...

Man! That was a sh*tty day :( I'm sorry

Mista Jaycee said...

Oh Wow! That's Eff'd! I used to be a Mall Security guard and you've just reminded me of all the calls I answered cause of the pervs that frequent the Malls! This includes those A-Holes from Onion Booty who shoot Womens tushes with a long lens from the parking lot.

Blessings for you and your baby.

Tough-Love said...

I hope your weekend will be a lot better.

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(vixenchick) said...

that guy was WAY out of line! i'm glad you cussed his ass out!



Neesh B Fly said...

sad...follow me neeshbfly.blogspot.com...thanks

Breezi F said...

Teesha- Hey hon! I am due like the end of september and I can't wait!

New Ppl-Thanx for commenting and following, I am sure to do the same!