100th POST!!!!!

Go Breeze! Go Breeze!!

Yeah, yeah, I so decided a week ago I was taking a break from blogging because of all of the drama with folks blogs in VA (hi haters =)) but I couldn't stay away too long. I am so supposed to be perming my head (yes, head, not hair) so I can make this meeting at work but I realized this is my 100th post since I have started The World of Breezi F. Baby! I am so thankful for all of you readers and followers and I hope to gain more in the nexy 100th posts. I am so amazed that this blog has reached nearly 5K viewers! I really appreciate it. Y'all been through the good times, the bad, and all of the in between WTF moments! Just want to let you know I haven't been true to my original blogs cause of the drama but folks I am glad to announce I am back to THE ORIGINAL PROGRAMMING SCHEDULE BITCHES! With some new added features such as Vlogs (Video Blogging) and I am actually adding my younger sister, Sissy on the team who will be putting her little bits and pieces in as well! Anywho, thanks again and ladies & gents we are back on track!!!!

5 Months pregnant and still fly like paper!

Breezi F.


Breaking Point

This shit has gone to far and I am putting a stop to this immediately. What is a few harmless flyers about Acey compared to four flat tires on my truck? That is taking it to the extreme and I haven't done any physcial harm to anyone nor their property. Acey's friends slashed my tires Friday night because they were mad. Word. It has gone to far and you know what, I am so done. I am to my breaking point. I really feel like this is my time to go. I cannot continue this anymore. I am tired of the liars in my life. the betrayl, all of this. This is worse than my last pregnancy with Gavin. All because of a man, that I bend backwards for, cared so much about and it ends up like this.....

I am taking some time to get help for the post partum depression during my pregnancy. I have desiganted my younger sister to take over the blog until I return.

Breezi F.


Re: "Have You Seen My Dog Response"

Wow. A lot has taken place over the last couple of days. Of course those following my blog has been riding on this rollercoaster with me. Appreciate it. So in response to the flyer I have made, Acey took it upon himself to respond in letter form. Click here to read. Half of it is true, most of it false. So in response this is what I have to say:

The content of this blog has been removed by publisher.

Breezi F.

Another Sad Love Song...

So its about 11:41 in the am and I am sitting at my homegirl's house and just listening to random sad songs. We started off with Rihanna's Take a Bow, then moved to Christina Milian's I'm Gonna Tell Everybody. But what really inspired the blog was Blu Cantrell's I'll Find A Way. It's the hardest to get over someone because at first you are left with which way to go. I have had my fun getting revenge but it still doesn't mend my broken heart. Going to sleep at night, I sit and think about everything. The good, the bad, everything. It's hard when you loved someone and things end so sour and there isn't a thing you can do to change it. This time things are really over. I can't speak to him and vice versa. I have to got through the rest of my pregnancy without him when he should be there to celebrate these times with me. All the plans we made for the kid and buying things together will cease to exist. There isn't any use to keep dwelling. I'll play Another Sad Love, literally by Toni Braxton and shed some tears. In weeks, months or maybe a some years, this relationship will cease to exist and be a faded picture in a broken glass. Until then I Don't Wanna Ever See You Again (by Uncle Sam) because I was true to my love for you but Love is Blind. I'm going to be strong and pick up the peices at least for my kids. Just hope I don't keep going in Circles (Mariah Carey) but I'll keep telling myself "don't let them see you cry." Sorry people the playlist is forever changing and each song I can relate to a lyric. Love can be so cruel and I hate to turn it loose. Until next time.....If you don't know now you know you're gonna miss my love.

Breezi F.


Miss Anonymous

Sadly, you aren't as smart as I? Think twice before you send me a comment as Anonymous my dear. There's a little thing called Google and I use it well. Cover your tracks, my dear. I know who put you up too it to. SMH.

Breezi F.



This Content of this blog has been removed by publisher.
Breezi F.


Quote of the Day

"Yield not to temptation but deliver us from evil"


Memory Lane....

The other day the Wife and I (no homo) were in the car and we passed this house with this huge as Trampoline, and we were like "Damn, I'd love to have a yard like that! Big ass trampoline!." I got to thinking...man I really miss my damn Trampoline. I remember when I first jumped on one in 7th grade, at my neighbors house and we used to play this game called "Crack the Egg" when someone would sit in the middle of the Trampoline with their body bundled up and people would jump around you to try to make 'crack'. Aww man those was the days. Then when I moved to Virginia 10th grade year, when I used to hang out with Kristen I'd always go to her house to jump on hers, at one point her mom tried to sell it to me cause I jumped on theirs too much! Then my mom finally bought one for my little brother a year after I graduated from high school! WTF. But that ain't stop me from jumpin' on it. Hell, a couple friends and I used to sleep on it during the summer time! That much fun! I know I wont deprive the kids from having a trampoline when they are old enough for one cause thats like the highlight in child hood right after like Tag or some shit like that. Don't play like you ain't jump on the damn trampoline too!?!


Breezi F.

Quote of the Day

"Never interrupt your enemies when they are making a mistake"-Anonymous


Yeah, So Ummm.....

One thing I hate is to be put into awkward situations but that's life and at one time or another it is bound to happen. There's different types of awkwardness like meeting new people, saying something embarrassing, or being around people/person you've known forever and can't stand to look them in the face or say two words. That's kind of what happened today. With all the ahem, blogs floating around and he/say she say that's been going on between the group of friends/enemies this past week set the tone for it. Not going to details in depth but when I talk to my best friends mom about it, when she came to see why I went to be by myself, she said to me "Why can't you just be the bigger person and be friends?" That's what I heard from Trice, Doni & Heff, my close friends. Point blank, I am s t u b b o r n as a mule. I don't budge for much because that's just me or as many would say "You're just dramatic!" Half true. It gets to the point where people don't like to invite us to the same events or mention our names around one another without getting the "Mufasa" feeling (you know the Lion King when the Hyenias would say Mufasa name and shiver lol). I know people are getting quite tired of it because I know I am. So its like do I be the bigger person or do I jus continue to as its been? Dunno! But oh wells.....life goes on I guess.

Btw congrats to my boo Sidonia for graduating from Virginia State University c/o 2009. I'm proud of you boo!


Breezi F.


Question! I Hope you have answers?

So I am so bored and Patrice wouldn't come and kidnap me from work because she's being a gay fish (lol) and Nigga Heffrey cannot come and visit me due to undisclosed reasons. =) So Ver`Rell and I are sitting here and we got some random ass questions I want my visitors/followers to answer!!

Knock Yourself Out:

1. Are the Lakers overrated?
2. Would you trade one of your family memebers to be rich for life?
3. If you suck (in general) would you swallow?
4. Do you really pick your nose or anybody parts when people aren't around and NOT wash your hands?
5. Honestly, when was the last time you peed on yourself?
6. Do you honestly believe if you talked about someone with a disabilty that your kids would have one?
7. Have you ever passed gas and blamed it on somebody else in public?
8. Have you ever worn the same draws back to back?
9. What's the weirdest superstition you've ever heard?
10. What's the best quote to live by?
11. What song would be the theme song of your life?
12. Why do white people love Lil' Wayne and black folks love them some Gucci Mane?
13. Would you rather lose your hearing or sight?
14. Do you think Heaven has a Ghetto?
15. What gets you high off of life?

I'll answer in comment response and so will Ve'Rell will too.

Breezi F.


I'm On A Boat, BiTCH

Thanks to the nigga Brandy she showed me this, this morning and I was super weak. Never knew this existed until this day, I'm pretty sure it'll have you LOL.

I'm on a Boat-Live

Breezi F


Quote of the Day

"If you keep interrupting my prayers, God is gonna direct me to whoop your ass"-Sapphyri

This one is a test to help me with my "Hulk-Smashing" because I hate it when SOMEBODY has the nerve to talk sideways not knowing I WILL ROAST HIS ASS! So thank you Sapphyri for this quote and I am going to continue back to work (You know that's what most 21 year olds do) and say a quick Woosah, Mutha Fuckers!

*Disclaimer: For all those lames sippin' on that Bitchassness, don't take it out on Breezi F. Kill yourself =)



My name is Breezi F.
Hi, Breezi F.

I think I really need anger management guys, I have an extreme anger problem when I get pissed. It's like the hulk. LMAO but I am so sincere. I am the sweetest most genuine person I know but then I catch myself being a total B I T C H. I used to go boxing at the gym to channel that shit into something else but being pregnant and all I can't. Any suggestions? Anywho, I am workin on that shit but don't piss me off cause I'll go Hulk-Smashin on that ass! =/

SoOoOo I needed a bit of comic relief to keep me sane. && I saw this on one of my fave blogs The Segment and for those who know me I get a kick out of homie smashers!
Breezi F.


No, I am not talking about that ugly ass phone from Sprint™. I'm talking about that gut feeling you have when you know something isn't right and you realized your surroundings aren't the roads you were once familiar with. Well that's how I have been feeling lately and when I go get the answers I am looking for I get a bunch of bullshit. The funny thing is I don't find myself hurt nor saddened about it, I will rather be at 100% ease if someone for once told the truth. For my readers you're probably like WTF, she's gone mad but it isn't even that. It's one helluva story but it's located in the blogs a few down. But what I have begin to learn which was my gut feeling is that my used to be bestie wants my unborn child's father and he is feeling mutual but won't tell me. Their blogs are confirming the shit but not one of them can come and tell me. Ain't that a bitch? To me it's nothing to even sit and be confused about the shit, if that's what you want go for it. Don't spare my fricking feelings. If everybody would come clean about it then everybody will be alright and have a peice of mind. Yeah even me too cause at least I won't have people going behind me and I won't have to worry about it. I been a single parent for the longest and have lost friends before so it's whatever, but things shouldn'y have to be this way.

Breezi F


Twitter Me!

So I finally done a little reserach and investigating to see what the hype was all for when it came to Twitter™ and I finally after long debating amongst myself, signed myself up for one. So I guess you guys who have Twitter should follow me and we'll be tweet friends, whatever the fack that means! LOL.

Breezi F.

I'm Addicted to You...

Soooo this morning right, I was going over my online bank statements seeing where the fack all my duckies be going. On every single page of my transactions I see Sonic's-Colonial Heights repeatdly. I see where I went in the A.M, mid-afternoon during happy hour and hell even late night. I CAN'T STOP! Frickin' Cherry lime-ades and freshly made burgers. Oh and don't let me forget Chili-Mutha Effin Cheese fries. So I was starting to think maybe this is just a pregnancy thing (According to some people ::cough::Acey::cough:: I blame EVERYTHING for my pregnancy) and I just craved Sonic's all day every day. I am sticking to that reasoning cause I did the same thing when I was pregnant with Gavin. That's all me and the homie Bekah did summer of 2007. Anywho I know I am not the only one who has a fast food addiction! Everybody has a soft spot for Sonic's.


Breezi F


Happy Mommy's Day =)

Happy Mother's Day to all of my followers/readers who are mother's and to all of you guys' mothers! All of my closest friends with kids; this one's for you too! && The mommy's to be! Jeez, that's a lot of mommy's. =) This is my second mother's day, as a mommy and an expectant mommy. Motherhood is a wonderful thing and shouldn't be taken for granted. I love every moment of it; the good, the bad and the ugly. If you're a single parent like me or know of someone who is, its hard work and it should be recognized. Everyday should be mother's day.

Breezi F.

BTW; Thanx for the gifts I received today Booker, A (from you and the kids.) && from mi prima y tiĆ .

When we 1st met 11.22.2007

Present Day Mommy & Gavin

Little Miss or Mr Booker 10.02.2009


Peace, Man.

So despite all the uneccessary d r a m a in my life, I've actually had a good day and surprisingly, that good day was at work. It didn't get fun until the store manager, Emily clocked out cause after that Carliegh, Varell, and myself wild the hell out! We were having the time of our last talking shit bout Emily! Especially after she cracked the racist joke about how I was black and its common for me to eat fried chicken!! WTF?! Lol Carliegh, who's puerto rican said she would've been hot if she asked her what she did for Cinco de Mayo!! I don't think Emily is aware of her racist remarks. Ah lawd. Then I fitted these to chicks for tuxedos and I told them I'd shout em out on the blog cause they was cool! And they got kudos with flattery cause they said I aint even look like I was nearly 5 months pregnant and they said I'd be a cool/funny mom (which I am!) lol. So big ups to Tawnie and Brooke!!--Oh HELLS Yea!!! Hmmm what else happened that had me weak; Oh this chick was tryna be cute and her flip flop broke and she ran into a sign in the middle of the mall! LMAO. Oh and we had this dude come in and said he was down with G-O-D and he needed some spare cash for a hotel room tonight. #1 We are in a recession, ain't no such thang as "spare change" and #2 I know a scam when I see one! He comin in my job fresh tats and sneakers!! Hmmmm suspect. But we gave him some spare change alright, literally!! Anyways, Thank God for today just like any day cause I needed the comic relief!

Breezi F.

Me & My Handy Dandy Measuring Tape


Tawnie && Brooke- the coolest customers


Love Stinks.

"If you liked it then you would've put a ring on it. But if I liked it then the kid wouldn't cheat on it."--Trey Songz

I just don't get it nor can I make sense of it. I have tried super hard, relationship after relationship and continuously fail miserable. 96% of the time I am not at fault. I know when it comes to being a girlfriend, I am pretty good at holding that title. All I have ever asked from my partner at that time to always be honest with me and do right by me. I have never been materialistic or controlling. I do not cheat on anyone and I keep it real and always let the person know what's going on 100%; good or bad. Compromising? Yes. So why do I always tend to find myself in the most fucked up situations? The guy who I was dealing with; whom happens to be the father of my unborn, best friend of 4 years, has decided to stray away from me and for what? Because I calmly approached him about sleeping with my ex-best friend of 7 years; since he is always there and has condoms in his overnight bag. Yes, we are single but when you are supposed to be dedicated about working out things and being a family some things have to give. That shouldn't of happened. So of course he became defensive and blew up at me and started coming at me with all types of problem and couldn't answer the question as to why there were condoms in his overnight bag. That's like premeditated murder, you bring a gun with you but you not going to shoot anyone. Of course I am hurt but relieved that I did find out. So I am giving up on love, relationships because time after time I find myself with the wrong ones. There isn't any fun in love when you are loving alone. I am always left wondering why or with unanswered questions at the end of every relationship. Now ending things for me are becoming a lot harder for me because there are children involved. In a few years I have to explain to them why their parents aren't together or why is there so much animosity. Ughhh. It is crazy how shit works it self out and comes to the light. I am always hanging on to hope by a thread because like the quote; "Anything worth having is hard work" but I cannot hold on anymore. I regret falling in love and being so open hearted. The only positive things to have come out of my past serious relationships were the kids.

Breezi F.

Wouldn't You Agree?

When I first met you
You stood by my side
And when you asked me to be yours
You made me cry
And so I was prepared
To take all the blows at the chin
But you never mentioned cheating
Please tell me what happened
What makes you think?
You get away with that
Talking to my best friend
Behind my back
Look what you did to us
Look what you did to me
What a wonderful love loss
Wouldn't you agree?
She introduced me to you
Said you were just "friends"
She assured me you were the one
For me until the end
Now I should have known
By the magic between you two
That angel faces like yours
Can lie too, can lie too
When I see my friends
They've got to know
I not only lost a friend
But now my heart's about to explode
Now there's something I'd like to say
Before I make my outro
(Oh God) Oh God
Did you see that?
There they go....

Breezi F.


Quote of the Day

With the events that are going on in my life, this quote has never been so true until now.

"Anything worth having is hard work"-IDK
Breezi F.

You Are My Sunshine...

This cracks me up each and every time....

Breezi F