Miss Anonymous

Sadly, you aren't as smart as I? Think twice before you send me a comment as Anonymous my dear. There's a little thing called Google and I use it well. Cover your tracks, my dear. I know who put you up too it to. SMH.

Breezi F.


TRiCEY THA 87 BABiE said...

anonymous is an ass plain and simple is they got so much to say but cant say who they are! SCARY BITCHES aint shit! it couldnt be me goin thru all this cuz id be in jail good luck breeze im here for u

dearly beloved. said...
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Sissy MaMa said...

cath em' in the act lol
gurl see im bloggin to in a way i learned frm the best uuuu
of course

dey feel like jacks lol

Co Conspirator said...

Damn I My cover blew my cover lol

Mista Jaycee said...

(Laughter) And you got mad when your Mama told you to hang with those nerdy computer kids. See, It helped didn't it?
Yay Computer Kids!