Thank you for all the love and support this year and to my followers. I have not been blogging like I used to but I will definatley be back in the start of the new year. New layout, new blogname, new everything!! SO be patient and support!! I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I love all of you all. Be Blessed.

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Sworry guys!

I been meaning to blog but I have been busy yall! Trying to get this money for the holidays and taking care of my family! lol But I promise to be back, I just wanted to check-in with my blog family and let y'all know! I loooooovvvve ya! Muah!! ♥

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Fade to Black New Year's

I know, I know and Christmas nor Thanksgiving has came and gone yet but to party like a rockstar, you have to plan ahead. My friend Arturo and I came up with the "Fade to Black" concept because we (as in our crew) are going to wear all black like a funeral because it'll be the death of "2009" dope right? So we are going to a sophisticated club in the CapCity and I have to find a dope black dress but I don't know where to even start, so if you know where let me know please!!

Something like this:


Damn, Homie

I guess it's really a reccesion. This shit right here, nigga...
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The REAL "Inveted Sex" Video LMAO

This spoof is hi.lar.i.ous! VA Stand Up.....

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Love is Pain?

So much buzz today about Rihanna's interview about her life after Chris Brown and I don't know how to put my finger on it. Domestic Violence is a serious issue but I don't think Rihanna can just play victim because I am pretty sure she has pushed Chris into the rage but it doesn't give him the excuse to hit her. Believe me I been there, if you put your hands on a man and he doesn't hit you back that time, doesn't guarantee he will hold back the next, you feel me? But anyways, I believe she is sincre you can hear even begin to choke up about it. I really wished this didn't happen, I missed "Chrianna" lol but in the famous words of RiRi: Eff Love....

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<3's Her...

Anytime one of the homies jump on the blog-wagon, I give em some love and this is the one I've been waitin' on. She just started it but she will definatley entertain you. She used to be my roommate and I see her in me a lot. We fashion, gossip, boys, love and we are the most dramatic human beings on the east coast lol. She gives good advice and when she has problems she wants your input too!So follow her and tell her Breezi F sent you....

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Breezi in the Middle

I have been contemplating back and forth if I should even touch this subject but talking to my good friend, Brent I realized maybe I should. But where do I begin? What all should I put out there? Is it worth my relationships with these people? I know what decision I need to make to maintain the one that means the most, but do I spare feelings when intially mine weren't taking into consideration? I have to put everything into consideration; pros v. cons. I hate going on a life rollercoaser, my intentions are good and my heart means well, but will that be recoginized? And the funny thing is, I know EXACTLY how I feel about it all but why can't I form the words? The thing is, is it all worth it? I hate taking risks! =/
Sidenote: Sorry if it seemed as if I was rambling on and on and this is a foriegn language but I was just talking, back to the original program.

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Big Fat Meanie

.....::Sticks tounge out at you mean people::


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