Breezi in the Middle

I have been contemplating back and forth if I should even touch this subject but talking to my good friend, Brent I realized maybe I should. But where do I begin? What all should I put out there? Is it worth my relationships with these people? I know what decision I need to make to maintain the one that means the most, but do I spare feelings when intially mine weren't taking into consideration? I have to put everything into consideration; pros v. cons. I hate going on a life rollercoaser, my intentions are good and my heart means well, but will that be recoginized? And the funny thing is, I know EXACTLY how I feel about it all but why can't I form the words? The thing is, is it all worth it? I hate taking risks! =/
Sidenote: Sorry if it seemed as if I was rambling on and on and this is a foriegn language but I was just talking, back to the original program.

Breezi F.


T33Zii BaBii said...

is this a blog about ur sistuation u ran into the other day/night??