Another Sad Love Song...

So its about 11:41 in the am and I am sitting at my homegirl's house and just listening to random sad songs. We started off with Rihanna's Take a Bow, then moved to Christina Milian's I'm Gonna Tell Everybody. But what really inspired the blog was Blu Cantrell's I'll Find A Way. It's the hardest to get over someone because at first you are left with which way to go. I have had my fun getting revenge but it still doesn't mend my broken heart. Going to sleep at night, I sit and think about everything. The good, the bad, everything. It's hard when you loved someone and things end so sour and there isn't a thing you can do to change it. This time things are really over. I can't speak to him and vice versa. I have to got through the rest of my pregnancy without him when he should be there to celebrate these times with me. All the plans we made for the kid and buying things together will cease to exist. There isn't any use to keep dwelling. I'll play Another Sad Love, literally by Toni Braxton and shed some tears. In weeks, months or maybe a some years, this relationship will cease to exist and be a faded picture in a broken glass. Until then I Don't Wanna Ever See You Again (by Uncle Sam) because I was true to my love for you but Love is Blind. I'm going to be strong and pick up the peices at least for my kids. Just hope I don't keep going in Circles (Mariah Carey) but I'll keep telling myself "don't let them see you cry." Sorry people the playlist is forever changing and each song I can relate to a lyric. Love can be so cruel and I hate to turn it loose. Until next time.....If you don't know now you know you're gonna miss my love.

Breezi F.