Memory Lane....

The other day the Wife and I (no homo) were in the car and we passed this house with this huge as Trampoline, and we were like "Damn, I'd love to have a yard like that! Big ass trampoline!." I got to thinking...man I really miss my damn Trampoline. I remember when I first jumped on one in 7th grade, at my neighbors house and we used to play this game called "Crack the Egg" when someone would sit in the middle of the Trampoline with their body bundled up and people would jump around you to try to make 'crack'. Aww man those was the days. Then when I moved to Virginia 10th grade year, when I used to hang out with Kristen I'd always go to her house to jump on hers, at one point her mom tried to sell it to me cause I jumped on theirs too much! Then my mom finally bought one for my little brother a year after I graduated from high school! WTF. But that ain't stop me from jumpin' on it. Hell, a couple friends and I used to sleep on it during the summer time! That much fun! I know I wont deprive the kids from having a trampoline when they are old enough for one cause thats like the highlight in child hood right after like Tag or some shit like that. Don't play like you ain't jump on the damn trampoline too!?!


Breezi F.


Milly said...

haha I used to love my trampoline growing up
It was the most fun I could have without having to do much

Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

I had a mini one growing up...well it was actually my moms for exercise but yea...lol I want one like the one in the pic cause I know it would be hella fun to bounce around in lol