Happy Mommy's Day =)

Happy Mother's Day to all of my followers/readers who are mother's and to all of you guys' mothers! All of my closest friends with kids; this one's for you too! && The mommy's to be! Jeez, that's a lot of mommy's. =) This is my second mother's day, as a mommy and an expectant mommy. Motherhood is a wonderful thing and shouldn't be taken for granted. I love every moment of it; the good, the bad and the ugly. If you're a single parent like me or know of someone who is, its hard work and it should be recognized. Everyday should be mother's day.

Breezi F.

BTW; Thanx for the gifts I received today Booker, A (from you and the kids.) && from mi prima y tiĆ .

When we 1st met 11.22.2007

Present Day Mommy & Gavin

Little Miss or Mr Booker 10.02.2009


Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

Happy Mother's day!!!! ;)

Sissy MaMa said...

Lovin da back ground
to hotz 4 meh
put it out cuhs its on fire

Happy Mother's Day
u mother nd to obe lol
miss yah to muchs
Mothers day is urs lol

Teesha said...

Happy Mother's Day ! =)

Ms. Naomie said...

i'm late but Happy Mother's Day!!!