Peace, Man.

So despite all the uneccessary d r a m a in my life, I've actually had a good day and surprisingly, that good day was at work. It didn't get fun until the store manager, Emily clocked out cause after that Carliegh, Varell, and myself wild the hell out! We were having the time of our last talking shit bout Emily! Especially after she cracked the racist joke about how I was black and its common for me to eat fried chicken!! WTF?! Lol Carliegh, who's puerto rican said she would've been hot if she asked her what she did for Cinco de Mayo!! I don't think Emily is aware of her racist remarks. Ah lawd. Then I fitted these to chicks for tuxedos and I told them I'd shout em out on the blog cause they was cool! And they got kudos with flattery cause they said I aint even look like I was nearly 5 months pregnant and they said I'd be a cool/funny mom (which I am!) lol. So big ups to Tawnie and Brooke!!--Oh HELLS Yea!!! Hmmm what else happened that had me weak; Oh this chick was tryna be cute and her flip flop broke and she ran into a sign in the middle of the mall! LMAO. Oh and we had this dude come in and said he was down with G-O-D and he needed some spare cash for a hotel room tonight. #1 We are in a recession, ain't no such thang as "spare change" and #2 I know a scam when I see one! He comin in my job fresh tats and sneakers!! Hmmmm suspect. But we gave him some spare change alright, literally!! Anyways, Thank God for today just like any day cause I needed the comic relief!

Breezi F.

Me & My Handy Dandy Measuring Tape


Tawnie && Brooke- the coolest customers


Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

I'm over here laughing my ass off about the cinco de mayo bit lol