Yeah, So Ummm.....

One thing I hate is to be put into awkward situations but that's life and at one time or another it is bound to happen. There's different types of awkwardness like meeting new people, saying something embarrassing, or being around people/person you've known forever and can't stand to look them in the face or say two words. That's kind of what happened today. With all the ahem, blogs floating around and he/say she say that's been going on between the group of friends/enemies this past week set the tone for it. Not going to details in depth but when I talk to my best friends mom about it, when she came to see why I went to be by myself, she said to me "Why can't you just be the bigger person and be friends?" That's what I heard from Trice, Doni & Heff, my close friends. Point blank, I am s t u b b o r n as a mule. I don't budge for much because that's just me or as many would say "You're just dramatic!" Half true. It gets to the point where people don't like to invite us to the same events or mention our names around one another without getting the "Mufasa" feeling (you know the Lion King when the Hyenias would say Mufasa name and shiver lol). I know people are getting quite tired of it because I know I am. So its like do I be the bigger person or do I jus continue to as its been? Dunno! But oh wells.....life goes on I guess.

Btw congrats to my boo Sidonia for graduating from Virginia State University c/o 2009. I'm proud of you boo!


Breezi F.