Question! I Hope you have answers?

So I am so bored and Patrice wouldn't come and kidnap me from work because she's being a gay fish (lol) and Nigga Heffrey cannot come and visit me due to undisclosed reasons. =) So Ver`Rell and I are sitting here and we got some random ass questions I want my visitors/followers to answer!!

Knock Yourself Out:

1. Are the Lakers overrated?
2. Would you trade one of your family memebers to be rich for life?
3. If you suck (in general) would you swallow?
4. Do you really pick your nose or anybody parts when people aren't around and NOT wash your hands?
5. Honestly, when was the last time you peed on yourself?
6. Do you honestly believe if you talked about someone with a disabilty that your kids would have one?
7. Have you ever passed gas and blamed it on somebody else in public?
8. Have you ever worn the same draws back to back?
9. What's the weirdest superstition you've ever heard?
10. What's the best quote to live by?
11. What song would be the theme song of your life?
12. Why do white people love Lil' Wayne and black folks love them some Gucci Mane?
13. Would you rather lose your hearing or sight?
14. Do you think Heaven has a Ghetto?
15. What gets you high off of life?

I'll answer in comment response and so will Ve'Rell will too.

Breezi F.


Ve'rell said...

1. Yes because jus cause Americas team don't mean they're greatest
2.Yes like my last cousin or half sister or something!
3. No comment but I'd like her too.
4. I do pick my nose with a tissue but other parts, Yeah I have
5. 12...
6. No
7. Yep I blamed it on my boss the other day
8. Yea but I never took em off, it was a late night
9. If a girl swallows she gets pregnant
10. "Pain is weakness leaving the body"
11. I can't think of one
12.Cuz Lil Wayne reaches the white folks like Gucci Mane reaches the niggas.
13. Hearing
14. Yep
15. Sex.

Breezi F said...

1. No, just Kobe.
2. Yeah my brother.
3. Well if you don't swallow, you'd suffocate.
4. Guilty, man.
5. Lol mane it was this year cuz the baby is on my bladder.
6. If you knock on wood afterwards you're good.
7. Lol Hells yea
8. Not that I can recall!
9. When you ride past a graveyard you have to hold your breath and lift your feet so the spirits wouldn't get in your soul.
10. "What doesn't kill you will make you stronger"
11. All Falls Down--Kanye West
12. Hmm IDK But I know White Folks do love some Weezy and Gucci is just that dude.
13. Hmm...my hearing I suppose.
14. Well I suppose but its a nice Ghetto.
15. Just waking up each morning =)

Sissy MaMa said...

1. yes, because i highly agree that denver nuggets was goin on
2. naw cuhs i luvh da ppl in my fam.. now like is diff tho..lol
3.not sur how to answer that uhm.. i geuss if u eatin but yeah lol
4.eww dats nasty to filthy they cud use anti- lol
5.well i think bout like this one dday i aint make it to the toilet no comment lol
6 I thought it mite but dis one chick she was a gurl-rilla lmso
7gurl u even gottaa ask u no meh gurl whoeva sittin bu m,eh got polluted jk lol
8 i dnt think so i doubt it tho i go free ballin if i run ouot lol
9 If u kiss aboy ull get pregnato
10Homies ova hoes, or either Get money F*** B****es
11 Keri hilson luvh knocks you down
12 cuhs dem caucasion be trynna fit in homies stillin there chicks they trynna get wit dis chocolate thunder
13Hearing cuhhs i cudnt see important things like smexxi boys nd fams hehs\
14 idk hopefully i found out later on .....
15 perks ov seen my fam nd smexii dudes

&So it Goes On Viva La Dame said...

1.Not Wit Fine-A** Kobe Its Not lol
2.Hell Yeah Wit Tha Quickness
4.Can't Say I Have
5.When i was like 8
6.Ha Ha I Use to
7.No Comment
8.Once Spend The night at a friends nd left ma bag in tha car nd i sure is hell not use her draws
9.walkin with a mirror backwards.
11.Dead Presidents-Jay -Z
12.Lol I Have No Clue
14.Lol I hope not
15.Knowin I Can Do Betta