Breaking Point

This shit has gone to far and I am putting a stop to this immediately. What is a few harmless flyers about Acey compared to four flat tires on my truck? That is taking it to the extreme and I haven't done any physcial harm to anyone nor their property. Acey's friends slashed my tires Friday night because they were mad. Word. It has gone to far and you know what, I am so done. I am to my breaking point. I really feel like this is my time to go. I cannot continue this anymore. I am tired of the liars in my life. the betrayl, all of this. This is worse than my last pregnancy with Gavin. All because of a man, that I bend backwards for, cared so much about and it ends up like this.....

I am taking some time to get help for the post partum depression during my pregnancy. I have desiganted my younger sister to take over the blog until I return.

Breezi F.


Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

hope things get better soon!