Wouldn't You Agree?

When I first met you
You stood by my side
And when you asked me to be yours
You made me cry
And so I was prepared
To take all the blows at the chin
But you never mentioned cheating
Please tell me what happened
What makes you think?
You get away with that
Talking to my best friend
Behind my back
Look what you did to us
Look what you did to me
What a wonderful love loss
Wouldn't you agree?
She introduced me to you
Said you were just "friends"
She assured me you were the one
For me until the end
Now I should have known
By the magic between you two
That angel faces like yours
Can lie too, can lie too
When I see my friends
They've got to know
I not only lost a friend
But now my heart's about to explode
Now there's something I'd like to say
Before I make my outro
(Oh God) Oh God
Did you see that?
There they go....

Breezi F.


Sissy MaMa said...

i felt tha same way b4 burt i realize have u nd still over comin it with erverything.. but those words r 4rm the heart
i hear them