No, I am not talking about that ugly ass phone from Sprint™. I'm talking about that gut feeling you have when you know something isn't right and you realized your surroundings aren't the roads you were once familiar with. Well that's how I have been feeling lately and when I go get the answers I am looking for I get a bunch of bullshit. The funny thing is I don't find myself hurt nor saddened about it, I will rather be at 100% ease if someone for once told the truth. For my readers you're probably like WTF, she's gone mad but it isn't even that. It's one helluva story but it's located in the blogs a few down. But what I have begin to learn which was my gut feeling is that my used to be bestie wants my unborn child's father and he is feeling mutual but won't tell me. Their blogs are confirming the shit but not one of them can come and tell me. Ain't that a bitch? To me it's nothing to even sit and be confused about the shit, if that's what you want go for it. Don't spare my fricking feelings. If everybody would come clean about it then everybody will be alright and have a peice of mind. Yeah even me too cause at least I won't have people going behind me and I won't have to worry about it. I been a single parent for the longest and have lost friends before so it's whatever, but things shouldn'y have to be this way.

Breezi F


Milly said...

Damn thats messed up! Youre bestie and your child's father?? Sounds like some Jerry Springer ish...I'm sorry this is happening to you