What the Pho`?

So yesterday evening Muffin, Arturo, and I (click their names for their blogs) went to go eat Vietnamese. They do this on the regular but little ole me, never. I been to the restaurant once and got steamed broccoli and chicken because that's only what I knew! They are always talking about going to eat Phó and how banging it is. It looked disgusting and smelled like hair products. =( So I ordered some Chicken Noodle Pho yesterday. It has a bunch of this rice noodles, onions, lettuce, grilled chicken, basil and scallions. Sounds disgusting, right? They dig t and I couldn't knock it until I tried it. It wasn't as bad but man I will never eat it again. I only liked the soup part and the chicken. They said I ruined their Pho experience. Lol I should of listened to Muffin and stuck with Teriyaki chicken and spring rolls. If you are interested in trying new things knock yourself out but if not stick to what you know best. Yuck=/
This is Chicken Noodle Pho`

Pretending to like my Pho`
Muff enjoying his Pho`
Breezi F.


OgotDamn!!!!! said...

Man get the Pho Outta here lol
Never again will i sit there and watch u Not Eat Pho Again....A Damn Shame ......Son of ah Pho ass lol

TrueLoveWaits said...

At least u tried breeze lol even if it tasted like poo. =(