Cry Baby -_-

Approximately at 4 o clock this morning, I found myself restless, emotional and crying like a 5 year old. Big girls don't cry, right? Wrong! Idk if it is just me being pregnant or what but I was boo-hooing. I was happy, sad and angry all at the same time. I laid in the bed and googled Emotions during pregnancy. I damn sure fit the description....restless, lack of sleep, excessive crying, bursts of happiness followed by sadness. Oh yeah, that's all me. I guess my sniffling and crying woke my partner up and he realized what I was researching on my Sidekick. Yeah, I figured an argument was at hand because he has been checking on me on night rubbing my belly o kissing my cheek, asking me "Babe what's wrong?", "You need anything, you sure?" and nonchalantly I'll say no. So being that I decided to break down at nearly 4 am to tell him whats up, when he's been asking me all night, I knew we were in for it. I was so overwhelmed I just cried, "You don't understand!!!!" When we woke up, I still a little emotional kept on being a crybaby. Of course he was still agitated cause I wouldn't talk about it. After awhile I got off of the emotional roller coaster, did some Yoga and received awesome news! First, we got approved for our new home! So I am geeked. Secondly all my stuff for school went through and I can finally continue my education. Sigh of relief because that was bugging me and also the fact I was feeling lonely because I don't hangout. I miss the old times and friends. =( I am soooooo over pregnancy right about now and if Muff thinks this was crazy he better hope I don't get the baby blues after Liyah's born! LOL

Breezi F