Allow me to Reintroduce myself..

I always feel the need to re-invent myself after a certain time frame or after a life changing event and I think it is about that time again. I have been feeling really drained lately but most cannot tell because I tend to hide it very well behind a smile. I tend to catch myself falling into old bad habits or repeating the obvious bad mistakes. I found myself today regretting at least One-Hundred and Ten things today but I know things happen for a reason. I can't hate myself for the things that has happen to me or the things I have done in the past. All I can do is eliminate the things I feel are detrimental and work on self happiness, which I have been lacking lately because I let little things get the best of me. So besides just saying a prayer, not worrying and having faith, it is time to make Jessica (<--That's me, Breezi F.) happy. Down to the way I style my hair to the people I consider friends, even the career path I take, it's all changing. I am pretty sure somebody will have negative things to say or something might get in the way of trying to better myself but those are the tests to see if I am strong enough to evolve. For those who don't like it, 'Can roll with it or get ran over' as my cousin Ebony likes to say. I guess after being a mom and growing up fast, there are somethings you just have to do, inside and out to have a stable environment and that's what I am working on now. I pat myself on the back because I feel good about evolving into a butterfly from a caterpillar. I'll keep you on my progress and while you are at it change a little for the best, for YOUR happiness and not at someone else's expense. Now that I am on this Zen path, I know the drama, the negativity and my haters aren't going to stop because I have, it's all about how it should be handled as a grown woman handling her business...ya dig. Loves it.

Breezi F.


OgotDamn!!!!! said...

Wow its Like i read this B4 ...Why cant people post shit about them being happy or they won the lotto or something like that lol.

Well atleast im happy for ya lol
Do your thing and wave at dem Haters

Remember if your happy im happy lol