F#ck You

My cousin/friend Laterika did this on her Myspace page not too long ago about shit that won't appealing to her so she decided to say "Fuck You." I'm feeling that kinda swagger today so I guess I'm saying Fuck it & Fuck you to a lot.....Let's get, get, get itttttt.

-Fuck all you people who think discrimination is tolerable, damn Philadelphia.

-Fuck the people who send you dumb messages on the internet after they know you read them but keep sending more because you don't respond.

-Fuck guys/girls who supposedly have a significant other but hating or even try to get with someone else.

-Fuck the women who come on Maury who are 1000% sure He is the father. He's not.

-Fuck BB&T

-Fuck females (no homo) who smile in your face but secretly plotting on to get your place.

-Fuck people who wait til the last minute and get mad cause they can't get what they want. Fuckin' customers.

-Fuck dudes who fuck over good girls. And vice-versa.

-Fuck the Mickey D's drive-thru cause i be answering the recording when they ask "Do you want to try an Ice Cold Mocha today?"

-Mane fuck the media.

-Fuck people who borrow money and can't return that shit.

-Fuck Rent-A-Cops. Top Flight Security of the World, Craig!

-Fuck Coogi!

-Fuck people who joke on people cause they wear Levi's. Step your game up bitches.

-Fuck niggas who still wearing Air Force Ones. Damn, Nelly.

-Fuck fake people.

-Fuck the military for taking me from my besties Janay, Danielle & Terika. Damn Skatin on Saturday nights!

-Fuck people who like to be Anonymous on the internet.

-Fuck people who come in my job demanding shit. I ain't no house slave!

-Fuck Virginia for coming up with the texting and driving laws.

-Fuck the police for giving me a speedin ticket in January.

-Fuck people who always hating when another person getting their shit together.

-Fuck the SPAM followers on Twitter.

-Fuck the recession.

-Fuck people who read my blog and don't comment. Fuckers.

-Fuck Myspace, for always fucking up some shit. D r a m a.

-Fuck people who get wack ass tattoos.

-Fuck myself for making this list hellafied long. Yeah I'm bored bitch.

Part Two soon
......thanks Terika. Fuck you too.

Breezi F.


OgotDamn!!!!! said...

Just Fuck it lol

D.V. said...

I hear you about the discriminatory folk and the police lol but why Coogi???

Breezi F said...

I can't stand Coogi! lol it's tacky!!!! But if you wearin it boo, i aint hating!!!

COOLKID24 said...

coogi is tacky as fuck man that shit is super whack lol!!! but im definitely feeling this post if you see me doing the same thing one day dont be surprised lol

Cat Hill said...

Eff U see Kay...what does tht spell Lol I can't stand ppl tht read and dnt comment either lol

Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

I'm slow so what's bbt? lol

Breezi F said...

BB&T is my lame ass bank!!!!