Pictures are worth 1000 words

I was at work the other day checking my email, (I sound so important, Work email=)) and My co-worker, the other Jess, whom never sends me anything "work-related" had these pics waiting in my inbox. I was seriously in tears looking at this shit!!!

Illiterate= Not able to write..SMH

DNA: National Dyslexic Association

The Burger King Dude set him up

I know it's a recession & all, but DAMN!

LMAO...I'll be sure to eat plenty a Taco Bell

& the fool who did this sign was obviously drinking

Yep, he'll be on the Unemployment line

What Kind of Service?

I Don't park in a damn drive thru!

He'll be needing a job as well

Is this where The Pitts & Madonna get there kids from?

Breezi F.


Milly said...

lmao! WOW

JuJu said...

hahahahah i was DYING laughin!!!

Co Conspirator said...

mines are better lol

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