What about your friends?

So I was writing the names out for my shower yesterday so I can give my "Wife" the list and my mother calls and asks how many guests have I came up with thus far. I replied about forty-five approximately. She laughed and says "Damn, I could of sworn as much falling outs you had I am surprised!" Made me think about the people on the list and the ones exlcluded and the friendships I do or did maintain with them. I realize not everybody is your friend, friend and they all serve different purposes in your life. So I put them into categories, Life-long friends, Fun friends, Seasonal Friends and Freneimes. 9 times out of 10 we have all had these type people in our lives or we have actually played one of these roles in their life.

Life-long friends:
These are the friends I consider to be in your life regardless. You've known them since forever and you know their family in depth. These are the friends you've grown up with and you actually consider them family. I have a few of those especially my childhood crew from North Carolina, Danielle, Janay & Laterika. Even when distance put us apart we are and will only be a flight or a phone call away, regardless of how much talking we do now a days.

Fun Friends:
These are your party friends. We club, we chill, we wild out together. Simple. There are never room for arguments nor a dull moment because these friends occupy your time with fun and enjoyable moments. I think I have these friends in incriments at a time. You meet these friends at school or work. You share common interests and they make life more enjoyable although they won't be there for a lifetime.

Seasonal Friends:
These are the friends that you think you may have for a lifetime and they are your best friend but in reality they are only their for a season, maybe a few. They come and go like the seasons. Usually you always have a falling out with this person/people but they always seem to find their way back to you but sooner than later they fade out indefinate on mutual circumstances.

These type of friends are the hardest type to distinguish. They often pose as either a Lifetime friend, Fun friend or a Seasonal but in reality their motives are evil. They get close to you to gain knowledge to use against you and even use you to get what they want. They either use you for money, support, knowledge, or even jealous of your lifestyle and they try to gain whatever it is that you posses. I have had a lot of these in the past years, hell even recently I had a frenemy. These are the friends who like the drama or really off of their rocker. They end up hurting you in the end instead of making you mad because you thought they were a different type of a friend when really they are "out for you" so to speak.

After determing these friend categories, I went through my shower list again. Majority of them were Fun and Lifetime Friends even a few Seasonal but I am glad to see that there weren't any frenemies. What type of friends do you have or better yet, WHAT KIND OF FRIEND ARE YOU?

Breezi F.


Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

Hmmm I gotta show this to one of my "friends" and have then tell me what kind I am! lol

Milly said...

I think I'm a mixture of the life long friend and the fun friend.

Most of the people I'm friends with I've known for years and consider most of them family and vice versa.

I've been lucky enough to have one had one freneimy and I'm glad that heffa is gone and out of my life and its almost been 4 years since I've seen her.

Craigjc said...

Great post, Breezy. I am a keeper as a friend, but these days, things are so hectic we barely and rarely have time to show people. But I am resolved to spreading love.

Great post.


TRiCEY THA 87 BABiE said...

nigga i am a life long friend best believe that shit! even tho we argue sumtimes and shit we always gon be besties!!!!!