It's a Girl!!!!!

I am so happy, no scratch that, I am SUPER GEEKED to announce that we are having a girl!!!! Yes! I found out yesterday afternoon and I was super excited. Now I have one of each and Gavin is going to be a big brother. My kids will be two years apart, which is extremely good age difference. We have decided on a name as well. What do you all think about Aaliyah Nicole? I love it, although my heart was set on Ava Nicole or Lauren Michelle. lol And for those who are wondering what has been going on with all that mess a few weeks back, Liyah's father and I are doing a lot better and doing whats best for the kids and us. Anyways, Aaliyah's theme will be Hello Kitty for infants! Original, right? It's going to be hard to find but we got to have the dopest theme though! So I suppose since I had a boy, my little Gavin, the first time, I will think about doing a baby shower!! Yay! After the appointment, we went to Babies R Us to go look at things for the baby and I think we became even more excited. Anyways, I just wanted to keep everyone updated with baby news, so stay tuned!

23 weeks down and 17 weeks to go!

Breezi F.


JuJu said...

awwhhh congrats ma!!!

i love aaliyah nicole!!! so pretty and hello kitty is my absolute fav; if i ever have a lil girl that'll be her theme! :)

Milly said...

Congratz! And the name is beautiful!

And I'm with JuJu I love the hello Kitty theme :)

Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

Congrats! I know she is going to be hella spoiled! lol