I am so geeked right about now that I am finding it very hard to type. LOL. Last night, my kid sister, Sissy and I, had 5th Row Floor Seats to the Lil' Wayne's I AM MUSIC CONCERT. Must I say it was a well $193.52 well spent, Thanks Nas (He is my Stepdad). This event took place in Hampton VA @ 7pm and it was cold as hell!!! Well I took plent-a-pics & i put my blogsite on her in case some crazy ppl try to take them. LOL So Opening the Show was Gorrilla Zoe, I had no idea he was going to be there! Next was the beautiful Keri Hilson. Following her was the Gym Class Heroes! BTW, I fell in love with the lead singer Travis! lol =) Next was Keyshia Cole. I admit, I had mixed feelings about seeing her but she shut it down! I ♥ her! Now next was T-Pain and he brought his circus to the tour. he had everything and surprisingly there were no Lions, Tigers & Bears, OH MY! He showed his ass and he is truely talented like for real, y'all. He took a couple jabs at Bow Wow, saying he was the midget of his circus and also he brought BRITNEY SPEARS! lol Okay well Mini Britney! Also he did his little remix to Pop Champagne and I loved it when he was like "We don't do that pop champagne shit, we be like HAPPY BIRTHDAY BITCH!" ha.ha. I loved T-Pain's set. Last but not least!!!! WELCOME TO THE SHOW HE IS THE MAIN ATTRACTION! Lil Wayne showed his ass!!!! I love him to death already but damn! Wayne did a lot of the Carter 3, Mixtape Shit & of course brough outhis Young Money Crew! Meaning my girl Nicki Minaj was there and DRRRAAAAKKKKKEEEE! lol. Now when they brought out Driz, a lot of ppl from here was like who tha fack is that? My sis and I was like, WHAAAAATT?!? Drake is the shit!! Lol! And my girl Nicki Minaj, OMG she is the truth I told y'all once about her, get on it! But back to Weezy! Lord! He entertained me from the start of his show to the finish. I loved it when he brought T-Pain back out and these two put on a how and had a feature off to see who did the most features of 2008! So I was weak when they started playing "Swagga Like Us" and when Wayne was about to spit his verse he said "I got too much Swagga to even spit my verse!" Then they played Shawty Lo's Dey Know, and were doing the runnin' dance & T-Pain was checkin' his pulse while Weezy checked his watch, I was weak. At the end was so cute he sung along to Martin Lawerence from Martin episode when he was singing to Gina, Whitney Houston's, I WIll Always Love You. I was weeeeaaaaakkkkk! You all I am telling you this was the best concert I have been to in a long time and if they haven't come to your city yet, got damn it get tickets!!!!!!

Myself & My Sissy gettin' ready.


Gorilla Zoe Opened up the Show!

Keri Hilson!!! I love her!

Travis of Gym Class Heroes. My New boo!

Keyshia Cole does her THAAAANNNG!

Told you Britney was there. =0

T-Pain & His 3 Ring Circus!


I ♥ him.

Hey Mr. Carter.....

OMG It's Draaaakkkkeeee..LOL

Driz, Nicki Minaj!!!, && Wayne!

Go Nicki!!!!

I met Travis!!!!

Breezi F


Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

Sounds like a great time, I would have wanted to be there just for Keri, Drake and Nicki!!! Dang I knew Travis was tall...but DANG!!! lmao he's a giant! How tall are you? Cause I'm like 5'1 so I would be up to his waist? lol Mini Brit has a BIG ass!!!! and I've only seen a side shot! lol

Brothers Blog said...

Sounds like that was a hot concert there. And ya'll had some great seats.

Breezi F said...

@ Tuotierugif>--Girl I am like 5'4 and Travis is pretty tall but he is a lil taller in this pic cause he was on his Skooter thang. and yes Mini Brit has a huge ass lol!

@ Brother's Blog--Yes man! We did have great seats to the best concert!

Special K said...

I've seen mini brit in action, girl has some moves lol!!! Travis looks scrumptious as always :-)

Sissy MaMa said...

yo that concert was baggin
unbelievable it was on i will neva 4get

★TECHIE™★ said...



Breezi F said...

@ Techie--My hands were shaking cause I was excited so many of my pics were very blurry lol

Veronica said...

damn Travie is one tall muUHfuCKuh!
dope pic tho :)