Bad Girls Club!

I know I am not the only biatch who watches this show on Oxygen! It's like the Real World but it's a bunch of chicks who act like they have permanent PMS! The Bad Girl Club is the shit but these girls aren't like 100% bad cause i sensed some bitchassness in some of this seasons chicks! Especially that damn Aliea! There isn't a frightining bone in her body! She's a rat and all she does is stir up some drama. Last night's episode about Tiffany, whom i just love, started to show her true colors! I do not blame her for poppin off how she did on Kayla, cause Kayla has been a huge brat for no reason. I like when she was arguing and she was like "I dont care if your from LA, Boston, Chi-Town---Amber, where you from?"..."Pittsburgh?!?"..."Shit, Piitsburgh, I get shit crackin!" Okay, Tiff calm down! lol Oh and I am a huge fan of the Amber's. Theses biatches are hilarious! And Next week Amber M, I believe and Kayla tall ass will get ot scrappin and by the looks of the commercial. she holds her own! I am hype to see the next episode! You should all watch Oxygen 10p.m. Tuesdays!

The start of the current season of The Bad Girls Club:


Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

Aliea gets on my damn nerves! I knew I wouldnt like her once I saw how her name was spelled I swear lmao it just irked me so much

ill;kinda said...

i love this show & Kayla irks me . She is weak & cries every chance she gets . Looks like little old Amber might have something in store for her