Just keep it 100 and we'll be straight

Uh. Boys Suck.
Can't live with em & can't live without em.
I am currently at my "official unofficials" home right and its currently a little after midnight this is the time to go to sleep! I just got out the bed cause I have the feeling that something isn't right! Like you know when you have this feeling like something is up but you dont want to press it or investigate cause you don't want to look like an ass if you're theory is wrong?! But damn it I have a theory!!! Lately I been gettin vibes between my official unofficial. Like we don't have the boyfriend/girlfriend title since we broke up a month ago but like we kick it daily. Things have been runin smooth up until like a few days ago and I feel like he is suspect. Like I hate to play mutha fuckin inspector gadget I just wish guys would be 100% at all times! Now the reason for me being up while he is in the bed sleep is because i feel some type of way. Usually when its time to go to sleep he'll play his music on his iPhone and put his arms around me til we go to sleep. Tonight and these past couple nights all I've gotten was fackin' Cartoon Network and kiss myself goodnight. Aint that a bitch? Like Maybe I'm like maybe he is tired or he doesnt wanna be bothered. Bet. We all need our space. But this is been goin on too long (a couple days) and like I'm startin to take this shit personally. Like I dont want to confront him with it cause i don't wanna cause a scene or whatever because Ihate arguin with him! I just wish I either A.) Get the attention I am used to B.)Keep it 100 and let me know what the fack is goin on! A girl can't take much longer, Jeez. Nuh-uh Rudeness.


Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

I hate when people do that cause you are left imagining all sorts of things to figure out why they are behaving a certain way and while your driving yourself crazy they are just chilling lol