What the Fack is a McDouble?

I'm sorry but all change isn't good! First and foremost, McDonalds! Really? I know they done changed all the restaraunts to a more chic, longe type atmosphere and introduced some Starbucks inspired drinks. High five, that's cool and all. But you didn't have to change the mother fackin dollar menu! Seriously I'm goin through the drive-thru the other day tryin to get me a quick bite to eat. So BAM..."lemme get a sweet tea, med fry and double cheeseburger"....the drive thru lady gon tell me "fyi the double cheeseburger isn't on the value menu & its now $1.19! But we have a McDouble but that gives you two meat patties but one piece of cheese" WTF is a Mcdouble?? That's what I said aloud. Im not feelin that and this McDouble bullshit is in the way!! Ronald we need 2 have a discussion!

Oh and now I gotta bone 2 pick with Subway! Yesterday I go to order a 6 inch Steak & cheese sub. The lady behind the counter said "Is this prime or philly steak ma'am?" Wtf!? "I want the regular steak I been eatin for years not this bullshit!!" Then the lady had nerve 2 get a tude cause I aint kno the difference!?! Pissed smooth off man! And then here's the killer, oneos more expensive than the other!!! Like wow! Jared, I need to holler at you man! That's why Domino's is going after you damn it!

I just don't like it when I was used to something ever since I was wee little girl and now you gotta change things up in 2009. This hurts man, It's a recession, damn it.

Breezi F


Charles said...

What!?!?!?! My beloved double cheeseburger ain't on the dollar menu no more? And a MacDouble? I'll pass thank you...

Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

Lmao, the mcdouble? OKAY!!

Kofi Bofah said...

I am hungry right now.

Only a matter of time before $ menu gets switched up.


Food costs skyrocketed in the Summer of 2008.

Ms. Naomie said...

lmfao @ the macdouble...i haven't seen that here in GA yet