Mrs. Officer!

Bitch, gave me a ticket! You know I am pissed! First I wake up an extra hour early than needed to be. My significant other and I are having problems! I got a shit load of other issues with my family. So after I took my son to daycare, I was going out for my run right and BAM! I get a muther fuckin ticket! I am super dumb pissed right about now! Like I was pulling out of the parking lot of the day care, stopped at the stop sign and went maybe a quarter of amile down the road until I get pulled over. The dumb botch, yes botch pulled me the fuck over and said I did 31mph in 15mph Zone. So this dumb broad is tellin me i picked up that kmuch speed within 2 seconds? Bitch, lying. I was embarrased and pissed as a bitch! I haven't had a ticket in four years until today. Then she was scaryas a bitch like it was her first time giving somebody a ticket! She came up to me window, keep in mind Im already peeved from this morning and this is what happened....

Cop: Um, Ma'am, Hi. You were clocked doing 31 in a 15. Can i have your license and registration?
Me: Pssh. Here. This is bullshit!

::I handed her the bullshit::
Cop: Thank you.
::rolls window back up::

Now at this point I am cussing my ass off! I had my hands over my face cause people were driving by and looking being nosey and shit. I was so embarrased!

approx 5 minutes later....

I see her walking back to my car so I cracked my wondow...

Cop: Ma'am can I have your best contact number?

Me: 804-861-#### (i said this under my breath with hella tude)

Cop:What? I couldn't hear you! (This is where she gets frustrated)

Me: I SAID!!!!!! 804-861-####, damn.

Cop: Look can you roll your window down.

::I crack that bitch another half of inch::


Okay she was gettin testy now so I rolled the bitch down.

She handed me a clipboard and asked me to sign it for my ticket! 105.00 bucks man! I looked at the clipboard and looked back at her.


Cop: Excuse me? Well if you want to prepay for it you can or take it to court its your choice. You have a good day.

Me:What the fuck ever! (rolling up my window)

I shot her a bird too, through my rear view window when she got in the car. I dont care its my fault bitch shouldnt be givin out tickets at 8 in the muthafuckin morning!
Breezi F


Brothers Blog said...

damn I can't stand the police. Sorry you to hear you got a ticket.

But one fact I know for sure is that only women and white men can get away with talking to the police like that.

Black men gotta be on they best yes um mr./mrs. officer. Or next thing we asked to step out of the car.

Breezi F said...

Lol and you right! I couldnt help it cause I had smart ass mouth that mornin!!

ill;kinda said...

damn girl . I feel for you . it was not your day that day !

Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

I could not be a cop lol sucks about the ticket its crazy