Halloween Night in the Cap City

Soooo...it's the 31st of October aka Halloween so the girls of the PGB (Prince George Biatches) decided to hit the club, so Tricey said one of her boys in her Medical classes was havin' this party at Club Inferno, keep in mind we have never heard of it. So we automatically think, "OHHHH SNAAAPP!!! PARTY MY NIGGA!!!" So we got super cute, thinkin' we bout to get some thirsty guys to be us a drink. So we took the drive to Richmond and had the hardest time trying to find out where the heck this club was. SO we rode pass this jaint that looked like a straight hole in the wall!! We saw one young guy so we automatically think, "Oh this is it! We here!" We park Huebert (Trice's Whip), grab our money and ID's. Now, we hype as a mug, we just got done jammin' to Suck it or Not and we super crunk and we was ready o shake our Donk!! Come to find out this is the wrong club!!!! Now how'd we find out lol? This old bat screamed at Heff and was like "THIS AINT NO NIGHT CLUB! THIS A PRIVATE PARTY!!!" Well excuse the hell outta me!! We was like "Fuck it, Hop in da Bucket N Haul ass" The club was actually in the alley cross the street, as Heff stated earlier. (There you go Brandy I acknowledged your rightfulness to the world) so we pulled into this alley and see some cars heard some music and we got hype all over again. We walked into "Club Inferno" and Lawd!!!!! There was like 13 people in there dancing. I was like "OH HEELLLLL NAH" lol WOW! At least Trice got to saw her EYE CANDY while da Nigga Don cursed CJ ass out..COme to found out this was a church club and we looked like Jezabels! We eventually left and went down to Shackoe Bottom and stood oin line for Have A Nice Day but eventually was like eff it & went to the Skyy Lounge....We stood in line for 2 effin hours almost and got in the club 45 min prior til it closes. We got harrased by Arabs who thought they was down, I totally told this guy a lie and told him our names were the group members of Danity Kane!!! LMAO Dumbass. Oh and I watched the police racial profile this black guy just because he had a hat on!! WOW. What a night, althugh it aint go as planned.


...@ Heff's house waiting

....In line At Skyy Lounge after the Black guy got frisked

....Me & Heff & Lil of the girls


Sissy MaMa said...

when i get down there we havin a party whooooaaa yea
"Princton around the edge, FIGHT FIGHT for eveone princeton all the way, RAW RAW," uncle phil and carlton
" throw yo handz up if you wanna be down so come on," will
lolz remeber

Sissy MaMa said...

my grandma and ya grand ma sittin by the fire my grandma told yo grandma she gone set her flag on fire we talkinn bout A now we talkin bout A now-fresh prince

Anonymous said...

I aint go.....BITCHES!!!!!....T33Z!