Work sucks. Stay in school ppl!

Okay, I'm bloggin' via T-mobile sidekick...ballin' my dude.

Anyways, I am starting to get annoyed by my effin' job. I work for T-Mobile and I provide world-class customer service, bullshit...and since I became a redhat, which is help to new hire employees, I done found reasons to quit.

First of all, I love my effin co-workers especially my team of Shannon, Mikaela, Kisha, & KiKi. They rock. But these ghetto folks that come up in here with the nasty attitudes worst than our customers is annoyin de fack, yes fack, outta me!! Mua Facker, im tryna HELP you keep you fackin' job so don't get pissy wit me!! Especially da OLD folks!! I don't mean no hard but this call center is full of Virginia State and Virginia Commanwealth University, not for people who done retired and on Medicaid! Then the birds in there gossip 2 much like its High School!!
If we have one more fight/arguement over some girls baby daddy messing with another bird at work, I think Im going to go crazy! I been here almost a year and everyday its something new that errks me and I came 2 the conclusion, mua facker im quitting..once I find sumthin else, shoooot a bitch got bills & shit!!!

I can't wait to finish school for this journalism degree cause this good ol 9-5 aint cuttin it! Next semester, im taking like 50-leven credit hours so I can graduate faster!! Grrr....

*Pics soon to come*



Sissy MaMa said...

u aint suppose to be takin picz at work. get right for i have a bf lolz(white chickz)