Random Ass Mondays.....

I was so bored yesterday. I should of been at work but I keep forgetting, I DON'T HAVE A JOB NO MO' DAMN iT!!! lol. So I hung out with my little sister, Sissy & my darling son, Gavin. We went to the wack ass mall here in VA, Southpark. I swear you can walk the whole mall and go in each store within 15 minutes flat. That is sad. So while walking around the mall, in our new kicks, might I add, we were preparing oursleves for the Lil Wayne concert we will be attending! So I was rapping one line and Sissy would rap the line after. So I was like "Greedy Mutha Fudgecake now tell me how the fudge taste" and Sissy said "I do if a Blood say, Soo Woo!!" Loud as hell!! She didn't know what it meant or even if it was a gang related. I was weak cause she was so into it and I was like "Sissy youre gonna get us killed!" I won't scared for real cause half of VA swear up and down they are bloods anyways. Anywho, I was weak as a bitch. My sister is hilarious. Anyways we just took random pics and I needed somethin to blog about! ♥

Sissy's BabyPhat™ Sneakers =)


&& I Was Supposed to be Driving....

Traffic! Traffic! Lookin' for my chapstick! LOL

Moi & Sissy!

Walkin into Target, Runnin My Mouf!

Me, Auntie Sissy & Gavin!

Sissy n Gavin!


Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

Aw your family is so cute! I'm luvin those nikes! ;)

brea said...

those nike vandals are fresh as hell. plus you got the steve madden boots on deck? [me too! :D]
stay up on that shoe game