It's time for me to put this mother facker on mutha effin blast!!

My son's sperm donor is a purity ASSHOLE! First & Foremost he is a poor excuse for a man and waste of SPERM & EGG!! He has two kids, little boys @ that, his first son Elijah (by Latoya) & mine Gavin. He does nothing for them. He barely watches them and looks @ his time with his sons as "babysitting" and not quality time. He worries about other girls rather than if his sons have diapers and milk. He didn't show up to either of his son's birthdays this year and had poor excuses as to why he didn't. It was sad because Toya's and I boyfriends/significant others paid for and helped out with their parties. SMDH!!! He is now on child support with both kids, and we have yet to see a dime. He lost his job @ the police department, a good ass job. At one point he even lied about having a job. Today he pissed me smooth off and had the nerve to say I only want him to watch Gavin when I wana party! WTF! My moms and grandmother watches him while im @ school, work, or if I am out. He is a petty, bitch ass nigga who can't do a damn thing for his kids, let alone a woman. He doesn't respect his baby mama's nor his own mama. When we had started back out in 2006 he was cool until I got pregnant and shit hit the fan. So ladies in Virgina or on Myspace or Facebook beware of Willis Jimmy Binns Jr. He aint worth shit!!!

Jessica 'Breezi Muthha Effin Baybe' Clayton
Myself && Toya aka DA BABY MAMAS


ill;kinda said...

that is soo good that you & the other baby mama (Toya) are cool. :)

&&& he seems like a screw bag. hopefully the state catches up to him & gets his ass back for the child care !

Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

lmao!! people should do this more often!!!

[$ H A R O N A] said...

wooow i love this! put em on BLASSSSST. i'm with you i'mma have to start airing some muvaphuckas out!


Brothers Blog said...

you know what he deserved to be put on blast and even worse than that. I have absolutely no respect for men that do this to their children. What has the child done to be treated like this? Not at your kids b-day party? wtf? If I ever miss my son's b-day it better be a damn good excuse like I'm overseas at war or something.

Much respect to you as a mother sorry to hear you goin at it alone.

Breezi F said...

Thanks ladies for agreeing!

&& to brothers blog thanks for your concern! but Gav and I are doing it big with or wit out em!!!

JOFre$h said...

Damn you put him on blast. Dead beat daddies are worthless.

Nebby said...

OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG talk about super duper blast!!!!!! lol ur the best for this breezi

Breezi F said...

LOL Thanks Neb...::takes bow::

*-Ms. Naomie-* said...

this is my first time reading your blog and i love it!
i'm 2 seconds from doin the same thing to my BD

Breezi F said...

awww thanks mama! & if he aint doing right by you or your child put em on BLASSSSTTTTT!!!