Ain't that a beyatch!??

Lol. My boyfriend sent me a text yesterday explaining a funny story about his co-worker, although it's funny as a bia, yet its still wrong.

Anywho, Mikaela, the lady my BF knows went to Wal-Mart to get her daughter a My Size Barbie for X-mas. So all the My Size Barbies where on the top shelf so she asked one of the sales associates to get her a barbie down for her. The associate replied "Yes I can get one down but there 35.00 and we don't have any black ones left!!" Mikaela replied back, "Did I ask you if I wanted a black one!?" The lady went to get the ladder to get the barbies down and then asked Mikaela "Well all we have our Blonde and Dark haired dolls, which would you like?" Mikaela said "get me the dark haired one, since im so black!!"

Aint that messed up but still funny? People are still so effin ignorant!


Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

Wow! thats a "deserved to be slapped" moment lol

Sissy MaMa said...

wow whos da new boyfriend
and why am i da last to here bout it...
lolz dat is meessed up people these dayz.. actin lyke da golden ages ugh.. wen will dey learn

TOY said...

damn homie. lmao.
i would've went the fck off.