Am I the only one who is like on the "low-low" obsessed with Myspace? Go 'head, raise your hands people, cause I know I am. Anyways, I am a little bothered of the little things off the Space. Cause you know how people really don't mean it but they broadcast their lifestories and every little detail about them on the Space? So I was on my exes page right, we still cool, hell we are best friends! And I got to reply back to his comment & I read his little about me thingy and it said Here for: Dating. But just yesterday that wasn't there on his page. Like I dont wanna trip so I grabbed my balls & wrote my comment and peace'd out. I couldn't leave it like that so I went back to send him a msg and was like "Oh so we here for dating?" No response yet, but I could only imagine what'll say. Do y'all think I blew this out of context & it wasn't my place to blow up? I mean cause i feel some type of way because we still "kick" it daily and spend all of our free time together, IDK man!!! It's just like after a break-up you pay attention to detail and Myspace is the best way to get in!


Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

I think its a bit bad on his part because you guys just broke up :( but guy's have different mind's so in his head you guys are "just friends" and he probably figures you should'nt care but as a fellow female that would piss me off too! lol

Veronica said...

I feel the same way!
that is why I'm on the verge of deleting mine! i doubt it tho :P