Remember How I said my job sucks?

LMFAO with a sad face. Karma is a bitch. Why the hell I found out today that we are closing down our effin call center? I found it kinda funny at first then I thought about it, "Damn! The cuttin' out on my funds & I just gotta new whip last month!" I mean don't get me wrong it was easy money to teach people how to provide customer service and shit but damn T-mobile you ain't have to do me like this! I bet yhey been readin' my blogs n shit. Fackin' feds. LMAO. Our last day taking calls will be Dec 27th and our call center is about to wild the fack out. Too bad I am smarter than your average bear, cause I been started filling out apps & I was gunna quit anyways bitches, SCHOOL is more important! Take that T-Mobile. But here's some video footage from work fackin hilarious.

This idiot as Peter Griffin:

Shannon's Impression of Me: