So Random Sundaze....

Today was boring, damn it. But I would like to give a brief shout out to the Burger King on Crater Road for pissing me smooth off this morning. Thank you but no thanks. Lemme tell ya man, I was going on my lunch break @ 10:30 and I was so effin hungry. So i waslike i could go for a Whopper and a Coke. So I hopped in Victor, my truck, and ride on down to BK. As soon I pulled up to the got damn window, right and as soon as rolled down my window, this old hag who worked there came to switch the menu from breakfast to lunch right. So i was geeked thinkin' in my head "Oh snap, a bitch just in time!" So, bam, i looked at the menu & I was like can i have a #4, please & thank you. Hells yes! A Whopper Jr Combo! I was sooooooo ready to crush you know!!! I got up to the window and paid. Happy as hell. I aint even bother to check my food, I just pulled off. When i got to the light by my job I reached in my bag for a fry and pulled out a got damn HASBROWN! A HASH MUTHA FACKIN BROWN! Boy! Boy! WAS I PEEVED! I tore that bag up looking for my Burger and instead found two cheesy bacon wraps!! I was so pissed mane! Like if they gon' change the drive thru menu to lunch why not change the bullshit whe you ring me up? Pft. I shoulda took my ass to Mickey D's!! FACK THE KING!!!!

Um other than that, we had a fake church service at work since we couldn't attend. lol I read the scripture and Ricardo was our Pastor! lol Y'all had to be there. My job is so ghetto. No for real, it is. And I have approximately 4 days left until I get laid off. So that means unemployment checks! WHO HOO! Lmao. Oh and now winter break! I am actually stoked for classes to start back up. I am so ready for a change in 09 man!


Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

thats crazy cause where I'm from once its like 10.59.08 that menu changes and your hope of having anything off the breakfeast menu is done!!!! lol People :(