I'm FREE!!!

....and about to be put on a budget! lol Today was my last day at work, man. Our call center for T-Mobile is officially closed. The recession is real, y'all =( Although as much as I complained about my job, I loved the people I work with and created a lot of memories with these folks. I am geeked I don't have to teach any more new hire classes or take any escalated phone calls from y'all rude ass T-Mobile customers who want to call at 6 AM to fight about why you're bill is high! YES! (Napolean Dynamite). I will miss the friends I made and the money! This is the time I will sit back, return to school on 1.12.09 & collect unemployment, BITCHES! lol Ahhhh, the life! Nah, I'm only joking! My self diagnosed A.D.D will kick in and I'll find something to get into if school alone doesn't kill me first! Well I took some pics with some of my co-workers. Enjoy. ♥
-Me with my headset on lol =)-

-Edward aka Red & Me-

-Phil crazy ass & his chicken bones-

-Shanika & Me on an unoffical break-

-The Suburban Youth =)-

-Michael & Me-


What Women Want said...

OMG... wow... the recession IS real.. but how is it affecting T-mobile... people are still using cellphones right?

Breezi F said...

Yeah but we were an outsourcing call center and a lot of jobs in VA are cuttin' down and we just happen to be one of them =(

Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

aw...I know you got a new phone before you left!? lol