Oh Theivin Ass!

One thing I cannot stand is a damn thief!! I mean stealing is wrong, so why do it, how'd you like it if I came in yo' crib and stole your shit? Exactly. Anyways today at work, we found out who stole my friend Antonio's SideK!Ck Slide last week. It was the most unexpected person in our whole row, Brandon ol gay ass! What's so messed up about it is that Antonio and Brandon been cool since high school and Brandon is always in his face acting as if nothing is wrong! It took us a while to find out but in due time it came to the light. If you didn't know I work for a T-Mobile call center and a lot of people in VA have T-Mobile so of course people employed here are going to try to hook up their account, they moms account, whomever!! lol Everything we do is monitored so Brandon's dumb self must've forgot and gave the person he gave the SideK!ck to Bonus Minutes and Credits under his log-in from his computer! SMDH! I am just glad we found out it was him and his ass is fired. I hope he reads this too because you are so wrong!!! Grrrr.....But I know one thing though, If he wouldve touched my SideKiCk 08 we wouldve had a problem cause I would shut a mutha effa down! I got guns and shit, damn it! lol Just kiddin bout the guns but for real yo!


Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

wow! people don't have any boundaries anymore. Then when they steal they're stupid with it! 'tsk tsk lol

Brothers Blog said...

my grandmother used to say "one thing I can't stand is a thief and a liar, cuz if you steal you'll lie."

That's some messed up stuff.

I got t-mobile too the G-1. But I also got friends that work at t-mobile call center out here, but they claim they can't hook nothing up for you though. lol.