VMAs 2009

Tonight is the 2009 Video Music Awards and you know everybody will be giving their peace on what they thought, so of course I am as well. What kicked off VMA was the pre-show red carpet. It wasn't as interesting as the previous pre-shows....WHERE WAS ALL THE FASHION!!?? But I did notice that the thigh high boots are in this fall season cause you did see Shakira!! Uhhh fierce (though her and P!nk are wearing the same dress) but Shakira filled it out better! Uhhhh other than that nothing really stuck out so let's get to the MAiN ATTRACTiON! (I am typing as I am reading so you will get all my first reactions!)

Opening Act:
Uh, I thought Madonna was Hilary Duff for a moment; lol they did look a-like. Anyways, Madonna's trip down memory lane about Michael Jackson was very heartfelt and she said some very poweful statements about passing judgements. Kind of brought a tear to my eye. =( The MJ dance performance was bee-you-te-ful. Many of his popular iconic videos were brought back to life and performed on point. I was really hoping they would've performed Beat It, which I thought so, I did see dancers in the Beat It Jacket. It was kind of obvious that Janet was going to perform Scream which I loved and I like how she performed on stage with her brother for the last time. It looked like she was going to beak into tears at the end but it was a really awesome performance.

Kanye's Ignorant Act:
Twitter and Facebook has a lot to say and so do I. I was so embarrassed and I felt so bad. Taylor Swift was very happy to win and I wanted to see how she felt. As soon as I thought to myself. "Aw she is so humble and cute---" here come Kanye grabbing the damn mic and expressing to the world how Beyonce should of won. The look on Taylor's face was like "OMG." Was she crying or was it me? All I know is, she may of not had the best video but she is a kid and it isn't her fault she won, MTV arranges this shit. I wonder if Amber Rose was embarrassed for him?

Taylor Swift-I liked it. Unique. At the beginning of the performance it seemed like she was still shaken up a bit about Ye's embarrassing stunt but eventually she did rock out. I was hoping she wasn't going to fall running around the damn subway in heels!!

Lady Gaga-WTF? First and foremost, I didn't know her voice was that AMAZiNG! She was singing LiVE and murdered it!! But the whole blood and hanging herself shit, like c'mon. I am tying, I look up on the screen and my initial reaction was "WTF is going on!!!?" She is um different.

Green Day-I definitely was not paying attention. Sorry. =(

Beyonce`- First off Ne-Yo why you fuck up the introduction, Chase won't finished. Anyways, Bey always puts a great spin on her singles, singing live. She is just an amazing live performer. The whole audience was vibing with her. One of the best of the night, though I did feel like I was at church for a minute with the tambourine and hand claps lol.

Muse-What's a muse? Sounded like Womanizer by Britney for a minute.

P!Nk--I loved it. Another great LIVE performer. Her voice is stunning and she was upside down! Now that's a BB.

Jay-Z-Grand Opening, Gand Closing. Who better than Jay-Z to do so? But did he have to show up all late? Did he even see the show at all. I am happy that he and Alicia are performing. Rep their city.

Russel Brand:
I ♥ him! I absolutely do. I think he is so hilarious and I am happy to have him back this year. I love his jokes and you can't help but to laugh! He even got in on Wayne and all his baby mama's lol.

My Guilty Pleasure. Um, yes I love this saga and was geeked to see the extended trailor! Um Jacob in the movie looks damn good but I am still TEAM Edward. 11.20.09 I will be seeing this. Yeah, this was my officially geek moment. (Sidenote: Sissy we in there!)

Bits N Pieces:
LOL why was Kanye getting booed for real? Diddy knew what he was doing when he said his name that's why he laughed. TAYLOR! TAYLOR! =) Uh where the fuck is Rihanna??? Did you see my girl crush, Megan Fox. Hottness. lol These Eminem and Tracy Morgan skits are hilarious. WHat the fuck is up with Lady Gaga? She is fuckin weird. Glad to see DJ AM get a little tribute via KiD Cudi. Can someone please tell me why Drake did not win Best New Artist? Eminem didnt even announce him as a nominee. Shit, Tracy Morgan should've won time after time. Oh bout time Beyonce` won an award, Happy Kanye? LOL That was so nice of Beyonce for gettin Taylor another Kanye free chance to say her peice. I wanna shed a tear. Bey isn't that bad of a person. ♥'s it. Uh...I haven't seen Ye in awhile, did he get kicked out? =/

Well damn, it's over already!? I can only imagine what the popular celeb sites are going to have about the behind the scenes shit we didn't see. C'mon Perez and MTO! Overall the show was good, better than last year but could of been a lot better. Until next year...


Breezi F.


Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

I loved Madonna's speech!


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twilight thats wats uhp lolol