Man oh man, it's like 5:50 in the am and I am W I D E awake. Body is super restless and I can finally say there are about 3 weeks that remain in my pregnancy. I know guys, it seems like I have been pregnant for a year. I am really happy that this journey is coming down to an end. They say pregnancy is a beautiful thing; to each it's own. I just know I will be glad to have normal hormone levels and just go back to enjoying not sharing a body. Last Monday, I had a scare that got me rushed via ambulance to the ER =( I passed out during a weekly check-up and the next thing I knew I woke up to the smell of ammonia and four old white bittys looking in my face panicking. I was calm and felt fine a few moments after I was revived but they insisted rushing me to the ER because my blood pressure dropped severely and they were very concerned for the baby. Seven hours later; I was deemed okay to go home. I know I should be taking it easy but I been busy, busy, busy but that is soon to change! I have about a week and a half and maternity leave; with pay is where I'm at! So that leaves me with barely two weeks to get Liyah's room finished and pack my bag. Also more time to concentrate on these classes I am taking online too and still tackling Gavin when he is home from daycare. Speaking of Daycare, I wish they'd teach him something more than Row Your Boat and The Wheels on the Bus! LOL I swear those are his favorites! I cant wait to see how he adjusts to his new sister, I am sue he'll be a good big brother.

I should be heading back to bed but I can't seem to fall back asleep. I would play Guitar Hero 5 cause ever since I got it last Sunday I been bangin on those drums like their is no tomorrow but its nearly 6 am and the last thing I need is a noise complaint and I only been here barely two months!! My house is finally home: it's almost the way I visioned it to be and sooner or later it'll be my cozy humble abode. Now all I got to do is get my mom to cough up my MacBook and then I'll be good. I'll have to take pics when I can so you all can see my finished project.

For a while now, Life has been really good to me. No scratch that, GOD has been really good to me. All the negative auras have been removed, things are staring to look prospus and yet I didn't ask for much but still received more than I could ever ask. My bills are ahead enough for almost the remainder of the year, living good, my kids are okay and I am content and at peace. My family has been there a lot for me though we had our problems during the beginning of the pregnancy, they have yet to turn their back on me since. I love them sooooo much. Though I still keep to myself, the people I did consider my friends aren't there, but I have gained three old friends and it has been good to catch up and chill with positive people. I used to sit and focus on all the bad things that were happening to me or why the people I once cared about so much aren't here anymore but now I see a lot in a whole nother light and I AM SO THANKFUL!! Whew! You guys just have no idea!

Thank you for the people who have been reading and sending encouragement throughout my pregnancy: though I don't know you all like physically, you guys are my blogger family and definitely wouldn't have made this blog as successful! To my new followers thank you for rocking with me and all the new love! Until next time!

Breezi F.


COOLKID24 said...

hey friend i know its been a while since i been on here but i have been reading constantly just havent had time to really comment well looking forward to heraing from you soon and cant wait to see pics of liyah but until then bye

Breezi F said...

Derek! Oh how I miss you! You know you are absolutely one of my fave followers. Thanks for checkin up on me! Like we dont know know each other for real but we got that blogger love!! LOL Hope all is well!