It's About That Time...

So award show season is coming up and it looks like the MTv Music Awards are up next. ::bites nails:: Reason being that I am a little on edge is because of last year was sort of a flop but happened to have great highlights; such as, Lil' Wayne's peformance (where he highlighted Drake's Money to Blow verse), T.I and Rhianna debuting Live Your Life, Britney Spears winning awards (I actually shed a tear during that time!) and other odds and ends! I am happy that they are going back to NYC's Radio Music Hall because a lot of the better awards were held here, like when Diddy peformed outside in his shiny suits! Take that, take that. I highly believe that there will be plenty of MJ and DJ AM (God rest their souls) tributs, so hopefully it is well put together unlike some other networks ::cough::BET::cough:: Oh and the funniest metrosexual will be hosting again, Mr. Russel Brand!!! I him. Effin' hilarious. Performances this year include Green Day, Jay-Z, Taylor Swift, and much more. Oh and did I happen to tell you all that Drake is nominted for Best New Artist and has yet to realease his albulm? If that ain't big then I don't know what to tell you!! Oh and Britney may be back this time. I hope they don't tease us like last year, thinking she was going to open the show and totally did not!!! RUDE.

Have you guys been checking out the promotional commercials for the awards? If so, is it just me o is Ne-Yo looking a little sweet in them damn commecials!? SUSPECT. Oh and for the record, no homo, I just Katy Perry!!!

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Breezi F.