Absent Without Leave. Sorry guys. =( I have abandoned you all for like two weeks!!! Ugh! A lot has been going on and your girl has been stressed to the max. I have approximately 6 weeks left in my pregnancy (thank God) and I have been in hell. I found myself with no one really to talk to because of a lot of unnecessary drama and he say, she say. So to avoid these peoblems for now so I wont cause any stress to my unborn was to stay distant from a lot of people. When I was distan,t people made their own assumptions and fed off of the word of mouth process. I didn't find the need to discuss much with anyone because I don't need the extra stress. Plain as day, right? Well according to people I am wrong and just a drama queen but yet I've done nothing nor said anything to anyone. Awhile ago I did a blog about friends. I have two lifelong friends, Janay and Danielle. They know me. I am not perfect, I can be at fault but they still don't judge me and they listen. They have the slightest clue of what happened to me nor any details. Instead of calling me out or putting me on blast; they listened. Left with encouraging words and no hurtful. Miles are between us but I am so happy to know that these two are the real deal. I love them and they love me back. I would like to share what they said to me:

Danielle (via Facebook Note):

Dis is a woman (Janay) who when we were younger i did not like her. dats what i told her and jessica...lol, but i did like her. she really was effin kool. and trustworthy to my friend jessica. who introduced us. neway over the years we three have been partners in crime from skating rings to sleep overs to janay comin to my house and eatin all my food. her and jessica junkin up my clean bathroom...lol. but i truly luv them. im writting this cuz i want yall to know how thankful i am to have these two in my life. we are all military bratts. me jessica clayton and janay brown. we never lived close to each other all at the same time. we all moved away to different states and stayed in contact. ALWAYS! neway right now janay is away at college, jessica is in virginia bout to have her second baby, and im in georgia wit my 3 kids. we never get to see each other and i never realized how much i really luv them and really miss them....(o geez im crying) neway i recently came back from fayetteville which by the way i had a horrible time. dealing wit my childrens families and their fathers. (yes i have two baby daddies) i was so so hurt and so alone. it was just me in the car drivin down skibo wit my kids. tryin to figure out what to do to brighten up my evening, not just for me but so my kids know im ok. i decided to just take them to walmart so they could each pick out a toy to take on the trip home. i cried on ever single isle i turned on, but i had my big glasses on so no one knew. not even the kids. they luv walmart they were zoned out neway...lol. all of a sudden i heard someone scream my name...DDAANNIIEELLLLLEE!!! i never in a million years expected to see janay brown in front of me...cheezzin...lol. and ive never in a million years been so overjoyed with happiness and love. her and her mom. i hugged them both as tight as i could and couldnt stop crying. omg. but this is my point- about me jessica and janay. we are all so far away from each other, but when we really really need each other even for just an assurace that we luv each other. we are there. some how some way. and i'm very very thankful to have these two woman in my life. i couldnt get on the road to go back to georgia cuz i was too hurt, but after janay and her mom popped up i was good to go. got back at 3am. i gota stop crying now. and i gotta change my phone number cuz i cant deal wit the other people out ther nemore. i never wanna feel that bad ever again. love you janay. love you jessica.

Janay (via Message & disregard her lack of spelling lol):

hello there love, i'm hoping you have recoperated from that text i set you and are feeling just like your lil side maseage says you think you are ...AWSOME.. i love you and i hope to get to visit your sexy prego self soon and maybe might even be able to go to the hospital when you have the baby, thats what im banking on, but you ahng in there.justs remember you hormone are actin as if they were on acid lol, i was depressed for the last couple of weks myself tryin to get ready for school and haveing work to turn in for my trip to china and just slapt all day, but you have to snap out of it and just pray.. but anywho know that me and Danielle love you very much and danielle is that perfect person to talk to being that she was going through a lil post partum herself at one point. but i love you and i will keep you and the babies in my prayers.

These words from them two picked me back up. And though we don't talk 24/7 nor even know whats going on with one another, I know these two always know what to say. Love you both. And all the folks who read my blog just bare with me cause I haven't been myself lately and I hope soon enough the puzzle of this journey will be completed. Love you guys too!!! =)
Breezi F.


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